IntroMagic helps you screen job applicants better

Screen candidates for communication skills & personality by short video introductions

How does it work?

You can use the IntroMagic Apply With Video button on your careers page to accept short video profiles of candidates


Generate “Apply With Video” button to start accepting video introductions

When a candidate clicks on the Apply With Video button, they can record a short (60-120 sec) video introduction where they answer questions you

Select the questions for the candidate

Select questions that will appear as prompts for the candidate to record their responses. You can also choose to allow candidates to select their own questions or have no questions.

View the video introductions in the dashboard

View the video profiles submitted by candidates in your dashboard. Bookmark, share, reply and annotate candidate submissions from within your dashboard.

Collaborate with your team

Improve screening efficiency for your team with notifications, get the video applications directly in
your inbox and share with team members.

Showcase company through your own Promo

Create your own company intro video in less than 3 minutes where you showcase why your company is
a great place to work.

Why IntroMagic?

Screen for personality & communication skills

Ensure you also get a sense of the candidate’s personality & vibe when selecting the resume for the interview so that the hiring manager’s time is not wasted in case there isn’t fit.

Save time on interviewing

With an extra layer of screening, ensure you & your colleagues do not spend time interviewing candidates
who don’t fit from a soft skills perspective.

Manage video profiles easily

Most recruitment software is built for text-resumes. IntroMagic allows you to accept, manage video
applications as a central part of your process.

Better candidate experience

Stand out from other recruiters and attract better candidates by allowing candidates to share their stories when they apply to your firm.

Get Started

Accept video profiles on your careers page!

1. Computer

2. Developer assistance to add "Apply
With Video" button on job posting

3. Select the list of questions you want to
ask the applicant.

4. Review the video profiles along with


You can substitute your current “upload resume” button with the Apply With Video button. You can generate the code widget in your dashboard and email to your developer. Once a candidate clicks on the button, it will take them through their video creation process.
You can create your Promo and generate the code snippet that you can include on your careers page. A video icon will appear at the bottom of that page and if a candidate clicks on it, your company Promo will start playing.
No, IntroMagic is for short video introductions and is not for a full fledged interview.
Yes, you can write your own prompts for the candidate to answer.
The Promo can be of 60-120 seconds in length. Get in touch with us if you want a longer video to be hosted.
Yes, please get in touch with us for the same at

Use video introductions
to screen for the right
fit candidates