10 Teacher Interview Questions and Answers to be Prepared For

Posted by IntroMagic Team on January 12th, 2021

To land a good teacher’s job is going to take a lot more than the sum of your educational degrees and field experiences. Interviewers are going to pay close attention to your organizational and interpersonal skills as well. Therefore, it’s imperative that you jot down these common teacher interview questions and answers, and have a mock interview session on your own.

10 Common Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

From a live demonstration of a sample teaching session to your strengths and weaknesses, recruiters have diverse questions on their plate. To help you give your best shot, we have curated these purpose-driven teacher interview questions for you.
Now let’s dissect each of these questions in detail.

1. Why do you want to be a teacher?

Why do recruiters ask this: This is one of the most common teacher interview questions. Every job requires passion and commitment. 

So recruiters want to know what specific reason motivated you to choose the teaching profession. What is it that you value most about teaching, and in turn, what values you can add to their institution.

How to answer it:

  • Plan out this answer carefully because it’s a game-changer. This question will help you stand out as a unique individual with a unique story. 
  • Avoid cliches and redundant answers. Go for something specific in your life. Share a personal experience to validate your explanations.

2. What is the most challenging part about being a teacher?

Why do recruiters ask this: It’s mostly to measure your inner strength and how tactfully you overcome a classroom challenge. 

How to answer it:

  • Identify the most frustrating part of teaching that most teachers face, then chalk out your strategy to address it. 
  • Don’t minimize the focus on the challenge. Keep it fair. At the same time, put extra focus on how you overcome it through your teaching style or behavior.

3. Have you ever helped someone become more successful before? Tell us how.

Why do recruiters ask this: They know that teaching is often considered a classroom activity. Very few teachers take a genuine interest in the overall growth and success of students. 

While it’s impossible to guarantee the success of every student, the recruiters mostly want to see whether you simply possess that quality or not.

How to answer it:

  • Be sincere and cite a life example. 
  • It’s not necessary that you have helped only students. The person could be from any walk of life. 

4. How will you evaluate students?

Why do recruiters ask this: This is to test how you approach the learning outcomes of students and what measures you take to bridge any gaps (if found).

How to answer it:

  • Avoid giving generic answers. 
  • List down your teaching methodologies and real-life student performance observations.

5. What role do parents play in a student's life and how will you integrate them into the teaching-learning process?

Why do recruiters ask this: This is to understand whether you know that parents are the key to a student’s success. Building a strong relationship with parents lets you check whether your inputs are noted and the right expectations are set or not.  

How to answer it:

  • Showcase the various efforts taken by you to maintain a good parent-teacher rapport.

6. Walk us through a sample teaching lesson

Why do recruiters ask this: This is an important question for teacher interviews. Recruiters not only need to see you in action but also want to study your lesson-planning strategy. It gives them the scope to check your mindset and you the opportunity to note valuable feedback

How to answer it:

  • This section requires preparation. If you have prior teaching experience then give it a quick run-through. If not, then plan your own lesson.
  • Make sure your teaching style aligns with the school’s learning goals.
  • Walk them through the entire process – why you took a certain approach, what can your students expect from the lesson, etc. 
  • Leave plenty of room for feedback from the recruiters.

7. What is your teaching philosophy?

Why do recruiters ask this: One of the best teacher interview questions. Every teacher is motivated by his/her own guiding principle. And the recruiters need to see what is your unique take on teaching and how it will benefit their school students.

How to answer it:

  • This opportunity is similar to ‘why you chose to be a teacher’ question in the sense that it lets you stand out. 
  • Every teacher’s philosophy of teaching style is different. So make sure you don’t miss a chance to leave your mark.
  • Focus carefully on your teaching methodology and articulate it thoughtfully.

8. Why do you want to teach at this school?

Why do recruiters ask this: Recruiters get multiple applications in a day. So what they want to test is whether you’re genuinely interested to be a part of their teaching mission or are simply passing through.

How to answer it:

  • Take your time to research.
  • Know about the school, their vision and mission values and tailor answers accordingly.

9. What is the significance of technology in modern classroom teaching?

Why do recruiters ask this: This is one of the interesting teacher interview questions. This question checks your awareness about the ongoing education trends. It also gives a glimpse into your intellectual and unique take on important global changes. 

How to answer it:

  • Do your research and give your honest opinion. 
  • Docus how being a teacher you can utilize tech to your best advantage in the classroom
  • Focus on the cons as well (if any as per your research). 

10. Do you have any questions for us?

This is a standard teacher interview question and comes at the end of the session. This sets an open ground where you are welcome to ask anything. So make sure questions count. It shows your enthusiasm and preparedness. 

How to answer it:

  • Research your questions beforehand and make a list.
  • Keep taking mental notes while the recruiter responds.

Always remember that from communication skills to teaching strategies, teacher interview questions and answers test multiple factors of your personality. Ensure that your answers are always tailored to the school’s learning goals. Just be confident, be you. All the best.

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