4 Best Ways to Negotiate Your Job Offer

“The better you are at communicating, negotiating, and handling your fear of rejection, the easier life is.” - Robert Kiyosaki


Posted by IntroMagic Team on April 19th, 2021

If you are looking for some polite yet best ways to negotiate your job offer or salary, then know that there is a way to do it. Negotiation is an art that can be perfected with experience in applying for jobs and knowing the value of the skills you bring to the table.

If you are someone who views job negotiations with a degree of discomfort or intimidation, know that it’s an entirely reasonable approach. In fact, as per an article in Forbes, 70% of managers expect to encounter a negotiation when they make an offer.

Everyone deserves fair compensation for the work they put in, and sometimes, the only way to obtain that is to strategically negotiate with the hiring manager.

Ways to Negotiate Your Job Offer
There are several aspects of an offer that you can negotiate once you’ve completed the screening interview and have been presented with an initial offer. A few ways to go about negotiating effectively are as follows.

Demonstrate Your Value

To learn how to negotiate your salary offer, you should prepare a crystal clear pitch about the value that you’ll be to the team. Make sure your video resume submission is irresistible because that determines how persuasive you are likely to be.

There can be no compromise on the quality of this pitch if you want to get started on the right foot. For, how are you going to justify asking for a better offer if you can’t convince them why you deserve it.

One way to demonstrate your value is to share examples of what you’ve accomplished in the past. This could be a project you’ve managed end to end at your university or a target you’ve met at your previous workplace.

Build on what you’ve communicated in your video resume and amplify your value proposition.

What you mention has to be irrefutable so that it leaves no room for doubt in the minds of the hiring manager about your strengths and the probability of you excelling at your job.

Consider the Entire Offer

Here is the next important tip to bear in mind when you negotiate your job offer. Your job offer is more than just the pay package. While that is a substantial component of the entire deal, there are several other aspects you should consider to obtain a decent offer. Some of these are perks, insurance, allowances, leaves or vacation time, probation period, etc.

negotiating job offer in interview

When applying for jobs, you may notice that not all organizations provide certain benefits or allowances. But there’s no reason you can’t inquire about it.

First of all, the salary you are asking for may be beyond the budget they’ve allocated for the position. In this case, you must consider whether the overall package makes up for it or you are willing to walk away from this opportunity.

If you feel that the job is too good to pass up, you could try to negotiate other factors and see if the hiring manager can guarantee better benefits and perks.

Highlight What’s Non-Negotiable

Understandably, not everyone is comfortable being this upfront during job negotiations. But in the interest of time and effort, you can let the hiring manager know what’s your priority or what are things you can’t budge on.

That said, there’s a fine line between sounding demanding and reasoning with the manager. Be firm in your asking, but always remember to be professional and respectful.

On the flip side, if you are hesitant or appear uncertain when negotiating, they may not consider your negotiation seriously. So when the initial offer is made, convey your non-negotiables. Are you willing to consider a salary lesser than what you have mentioned? Do you need to be able to work remotely when the occasion calls for it?

non-negotiables in job offer
The reason why you should be clear about your non-negotiables is that neither you nor the manager wants to spend hours going through rounds of negotiation only to realize that they can’t meet your terms.

Avoid Mentioning a Salary Range

While mentioning your expected salary range helps the hiring manager understand your expectations, you could potentially lose out on getting a better offer because of the lower limit you’ve mentioned.

The manager may have been prepared to pay you more if you had specified a fixed number. But since you’ve mentioned the lowest salary you’re willing to accept, they’ve settled for that.

Instead, when applying for jobs, have a fixed number in your mind and ask them to share the budget allocated for the position. This lets you ascertain whether it aligns with your expectations or not.


There’s no guarantee when negotiating a job offer. You win some, and you lose some; but remember that it’s all about how convincing you are and the extent of the organization’s resources, policies, etc.

One way to strengthen your negotiation is to have a compelling video resume that depicts just how much of an ideal candidate you are.

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