6 Professional Email Writing Tips for Job Applicants


Posted by IntroMagic Team on April 25th, 2021

If you are here looking for some professional email writing tips, then you’re in for a surprise. These days, there are countless job boards available online for you to discover new opportunities. No matter which one you have found a particular listing on, you should opt for sending an email along with a video cover letter.

It personalizes your application and shows the hiring manager your dedication.

Once you have a video cover letter ready, you should focus on drafting an email that compels the job poster to shortlist you.

If you are tired of looking for countless email cover letter templates and not knowing the dos and don’ts of email etiquette, here are 6 professional email writing tips to keep in mind.

job application email tips

An email cover letter template doesn’t address the nuances of the job

People who aren’t seasoned writing professionals may spend way too much time looking up an impressive cover letter template.

But the fact of the matter is that these templates won’t always prove to be useful because they are designed to be generic and not address the nuances of the job you are applying for.

For instance, a cover letter for an engineering job won’t be similar to one for a social media marketing job. While some aspects may overlap, there are simply varying components and approaches that must be adopted.

This is not to say that templates are pointless, just that you should use them only for inspiration.

Don’t copy the template word for word. Your employer should never feel that you have sent them an email, which you may have sent many others, with minor tweaks.

Use the correct salutation

When it comes to tips for writing business emails, your salutation is the first thing the manager will read after the subject line. And this is where a lot of beginners make mistakes.

Don’t use inappropriate salutations like Dear or Hey when applying for jobs. The former implies a rapport that doesn’t already exist between you and the recipient of the email, and the latter is too casual for when you are cold emailing.

Always start with a formal salutation such as Hello accompanied by their name. If it’s a careers email address and you don’t know who will receive the email, a simple Hello will do.

Make your email crisp

In an attempt to be persuasive, you may sometimes end up sharing way too much information via your first email. But please do keep in mind that nobody wants to read a short story-long email.

The ideal length of your email should be no more than 3 paragraphs. And make sure each paragraph has a maximum of 3-4 lines.

To make your email short and impactful while applying for jobs, only communicate that which is absolutely necessary and is not already included in your video cover letter.

professional salutation in job application email

It is ideal to address the recipient and organization

Way too many times, people forget to add the name of the recipient in an email. This is of course only required when you already know the name of the person you are sharing correspondence with.

Say you’ve spoken to someone about a job opportunity, and you need to send them an email with your video cover letter, do not forget to address them and the company. All of this helps make your email more personal.

Moreover, re-read your email multiple times to ensure there are no spelling mistakes. Not addressing them isn’t ideal, but using their name and making errors just leaves a bad impression.

A subtle nudge towards an action should wrap up the email

If it’s your first email to the recipient, you could end the email by directing their attention towards your video cover letter.

On the other hand, if you are following up, let them know that you are eagerly awaiting to hear from them. Do this in a way that’s courteous and yet indicates your interest in their response.

Some form of a subtle nudge helps guide their efforts towards what action you want them to take. This transforms your email from a passive piece of content to one that increases the recipient’s inclination to revert.

job application email writing tips

Focus on the readability of your email

Unlike a video cover letter, where the hiring manager is bound to be invested in what you have to say, emails don’t naturally draw people’s attention unless you have written an exceptionally compelling one.

If you’ve gone to great lengths to highlight your experience and skills but put in no effort to structure the email, you’ll lose out on crucial value.

Adding a sense of definition to your email is a must. This includes the spacing, the format of the email, etc.

A few structuring tips you could follow are to break your email into bite-sized paragraphs, highlight relevant phrases by making them bold (but do this sparingly), and ensure the spacing makes the visuals of your email appealing.

If at first glance, your email looks chunky, disorganized, and not properly formatted, it’ll put off the recipient from reading it.

So pay attention to the way your email appears.


We hope these professional email writing tips come in handy and help elevate the quality of your application.

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