A talent mapping solution that is pandemic-proof

If there’s one thing that this pandemic has taught us, it is that adaptability is key to the survival of every business.

Your business model, product, and customer experience are not the only factors that determine the growth of the organization. How well you can pivot your offering to suit the socio-economic climate also weighs heavily on your brand relevance.

jobs in the time of pandemic

Yes, the global pandemic has led to thousands of people losing their jobs. Nevertheless, there are still hundreds of businesses using this time to evolve and optimize their product. They will have ample talent requirements that must be resolved in good time.

If you are looking for a talent mapping solution that is virtual and hassle-free, look no further than IntroMagic.

Online Candidate Assessment Tools

With a lot of job seekers choosing to opt for remote work as opposed to commuting to the office every day, conducting in-person interviews has become quite a tricky path to navigate.

As per a post on TalentLyft, recruitment digitization has become one of the most prominent challenges for recruiters brought about by the pandemic. Virtual hiring is gradually becoming the norm of the day.

You simply can’t bank on formulating a recruitment plan, scheduling in-person interviews, gathering your team members, only to learn that a lockdown has been imposed in your state or country.

This is why a digital candidate assessment tool or an online HR software can alleviate these challenges and help you carry on your recruitment initiatives without disruption. It takes very little time to set up and is a pandemic-proof solution.

digital candidate assessment tool

Adopting such methods for talent mapping also goes a long way in instilling faith in your potential employees. It adds to your organization’s reputation as a tech-savvy brand and conveys to your applicants and your employees that their health and safety is of the utmost importance to you.

Not only will this play a part in attracting the right, dedicated talent, but will also safeguard the well-being of your employees since they will no longer be compelled to interact with hundreds of candidates consecutively and place themselves at risk of infections.

Budget Cuts and Limited HR Personnel

Many industries, companies have had to cope with severe budget cuts and resuming operations with a limited workforce during this pandemic. A survey conducted by LinkedIn found that as many as 50% of talent acquisition professionals from across 28 countries expect their recruitment budget to decrease this year.

You might wonder how an online HR software fits into this scenario.

At a time when you don’t have the bandwidth to allocate 5 HR professionals to schedule screening interviews with 100 applicants, using a highly efficient candidate assessment tool like IntroMagic is the quickest way to get the work done.

There’s no need for you to schedule hundreds of interviews and use up a lot of your teammates’ time. All you have to do is invite applicants to submit video resumes and filter them based on a personality fit.

This way, you spend far less time and resources to fulfill your talent requirements.

Switching to Remote Operations

During these catastrophic times, several global businesses have switched to remote operations permanently. This means doing away with their office space, refining their digital work culture, and using the virtual world to host all internal and external communications.

Considering these changes, it may not be feasible to conduct offline interviews. And that’s where an online HR software can come in handy. They can be used from the comfort of your home; you can add multiple teammates to get access to applications and collaboratively execute talent mapping initiatives.

recruiting tool for remote jobs


Always adopt candidate assessment tools that enable you to take the digital route when the going gets tough.

With IntroMagic powering your recruitment initiatives, you never have to think twice about posting a job vacancy and expecting to find your ideal employee.

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