Are Videos the Future of Talent Acquisition?


Posted by IntroMagic Team on April 3rd, 2021

Why do you think photos and videos have become a crucial component of this digital era?

It is because the human mind is far more capable of storing and recalling visual cues than it is textual information, as proven by several research studies. Nothing grabs attention better than a bold, colourful visual message.

To put it plainly, you are more likely to remember a candidate who has submitted a video resume than one who has simply listed their achievements on paper. Furthermore, when they are ready to go the extra mile by submitting a video introduction, it shows you just how strong their sense of initiative is and how dedicated they are to pursuing the role.

And that is why video interview software like IntroMagic shapes the trends in talent acquisition to give recruiters, just like you, a time-efficient solution for all your screening needs.

How Are Tech Advancements Facilitating Better Talent Acquisition?

Technology has the power to minimise a lot of inconveniences. Remember the time when you’d have to post a print ad in the newspaper and hope that the right job seekers would come across it?

The reach was too low and the costs involved weren’t optimum. But with technological advancements, you can now upload job postings online, create digital campaigns to reach your ideal candidates, and evaluate applications in a matter of minutes.

This has drastically reduced workload and increased efficiency.

technology in talent acquisition

But here’s how video introductions take it one step further. The easier it is for candidates to apply with the click of a button, the more applications you will receive. However, they may not all be genuine candidates.

Using a video interview software helps you get to the dedicated applicants and understand their interests.

Powered by human resources software, organizations across the world have been able to assess applicants on a variety of parameters such as qualifications, experience, interests, salary expectations, to name a few.

IntroMagic’s dashboard enables you to keep track of applicants. This not only serves to fill positions in a timely manner but also provides you with an easily accessible pool of candidates to refer to at a future instance.

What Can a Screening Tool Disclose About Candidates?

Various aspects relevant to your candidate assessment such as qualifications, personality fit, motivations, etc. can be identified using a screening tool.

Are you looking for a sense of initiative in your potential employee? Or maybe you need someone who is a fresher with ample internship experience in a specific field?

Regardless of your requirements, you can personalize the job posting and application process to include specific prompts that will reveal a lot of information about the candidate.


It is one thing to read that someone’s expertise lies in the field of marketing and a completely different experience to hear them talk about it with conviction. When you assess a candidate based on their PDF submission, you can’t fully gauge just how true their entries are or how well they know a subject.

For the purpose of convincing recruiters, anyone can make heightened claims in a resume to come across as experienced and impressive. But a video interview software enables you to get an idea about how passionate they are and how invested they would be in the position.

Mindset & Personality

Mindset is a factor that has become increasingly important to evaluate when hiring employees. In fact, in a lot of cases, mindset is more valuable.

A point to consider is that an employee could have 10 years of experience working at some of the most renowned firms in the world, but if their mindset is not one that helps them thrive at the workplace and meet the company goals, then they aren’t bringing a lot of value to the organization.

On the other hand, you may come across an applicant who does not have the depth of experience that you are looking for, but their personality and mindset may just make them the perfect person for the job.

applicant personality in video resume

And all this can be observed from the video resumes that applicants submit. You’ll get to assess them on several aspects associated with the role. For e.g. leadership skills, coordination, self-motivation, etc.

These are but a few of the several benefits that videos guarantee to hiring managers. Additionally, you also get to understand applicants’ motivations, how authentic they are, elevate your organization’s brand value, and open up further avenues of innovative practices to adopt.


A video interview software is but the surface of the evolution in talent acquisition. It helps you optimise the process as per your organizational culture and resources.

Start today by registering on IntroMagic and enhance the quality of your hires.

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