Automated Recruiting: How it Helps with Resume Screening and Hiring Process

Posted by IntroMagic Team on February 19th, 2022

With the pandemic planning to stay longer than anticipated, the recruitment team are facing challenges in hiring remotely. Candidates continue to maximize but the hiring heads are quite a less a number, making the need for automated recruiting the call of the hour. 

From streamlining repetitive tasks to delegating task loads, talent acquisition experts’ interest in automated recruiting is growing. These tools allow strategic workflow and automates menial, repetitive tasks, which otherwise require constant supervision and attention. 

Including AI recruitment software for your recruitment process not only helps manage work schedules, but most importantly, it allows the recruiter to achieve advanced standards in hiring, both quality-wise and timely. 

Hiring dynamics around the world are changing and so is technology. KPIs in recruitment scans through the strategies undertaken by hiring heads to function effectively and efficiently. 

Companies, these days, keep a thorough check on recruitment operations to narrow down best possible outcomes. Leveraging automation in recruiting is a breakthrough intervention in streamlining the hiring process, especially when you are into sizeable hiring.   

Industry reports suggest that while accessing the recruitment process, talent acquisition looks at the quality of hire being made and time taken to fill the available job openings. Through a traditional approach, the numbers suffer; however, the companies have witnessed decent and quality growth by incorporating automated recruiting software in their recruitment procedure. 

Automated solutions are imperative, the results of which are certainly positive and thriving growth. Today, automation in recruiting and HR discipline go hand in hand.  Let’s gather comprehensive insights about automated recruiting and have a better understanding of it.

What is Automated Recruiting?

Be it increasing productivity or managing resume reviewing, scheduling different types of interviews or improving quality of hire, advancing time to fill higher posts or simply managing hiring process, automation in recruitment saves all and promotes quality hires. 

Shuffling through the magnitude of resumes and job applications is one hefty business. Recruiters often find themselves caught in the storm of hiring right, qualified candidates within the least time frame. 

In the current scenario, candidates look for opportunities with better pay and lifestyle; if unsatisfied, switch to better often within a blink of eye. Short tenure period, bad or unskilled hires, biased decisions costs the company’s sizeable loss in terms of money, time, talent and growth. Hence, introducing automated resume screening software in the hiring process is the key to curb these challenges. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms function according to the needs of the recruiter. These adapt via available information. From finding the right candidate from the talent pool to streamlining tedious workloads, these automated software prove to be an advantage. 

Enhancing rather than replacing human resource decisions, the software improves productivity, saves costs and time, delivers accurate results and adds to the company’s growth by evaluating performance data through predictive analysis. 

In today’s competition driven world, hiring simple talent doesn’t work. Aggressive approach, sharp skill set and right fit attitude tops the list and recruiters leave no stone unturned in hunting the best. Automated hiring process helps find the right fit with lesser but quality resources. 

Efficiency is significant for both the recruiter and the candidate, and automation in recruitment helps hit the balance perfectly. 

While for recruiters it eases manual tasks alongside managing hiring dynamics, the software is useful for candidates as it communicates with them, captures job-centric data and produces a more accurate analysis for profitable hiring. 

How Automated Recruitment Helps in Talent Acquisition?

Why introduce automation in recruitment? Many hesitate to invest in automated recruiting software while some value leveraging automation for their best. 

Well, the answer is simple. Efficiency in work and consistent hiring decisions are the two hallmarks of automated recruiting software. 

It allows talent acquisition teams to gauge candidate’s performance and hire them on the basis of characteristics rather than trusting other variables. 

Automated recruiting succors professionals to make right hiring decisions at a quick pace and increase efficiency across its recruitment functions and operations simultaneously. Let’s understand these solutions in detail. 

  • Sourcing and Engagement: automated recruiting technology helps automate candidate sourcing and engagement by identifying right candidates and analyzing their data based on skills and experience. These solutions automate candidate outreach and amplify engagement with better follow-ups. 
  • Screening and Experience: AI based recruitment software provides an intelligent interface that streamlines candidate screening, application status and other candidate experience activities. It is consistent, effective and scalable. Leveraging this platform, recruiters save time on individual communication as these solutions engage with the candidates and keep them updated, from status updates to feedback. 
  • Interview Schedules: Recruiters find scheduling interviews one of the tedious tasks of the hiring process. However, automated recruiting technology simplifies these tasks and provides a complete automation of the interview scheduling process. The solution schedules all kinds of interviews running from one on one to panel to sequential to batch interviews. It’s a fit for all automation solutions for recruitment and hiring teams. 
  • Complete Evaluation and Background Checks: Hiring process involves a set of assessments. Interviews and checks. Automated recruitment allows the recruiters to employ these technologies to administer technical and non-technical tests, digitize the interview process and run background checks. Talent acquisition teams, today, are opting for modern technological solutions and automation in recruitment is one technology that provides a seamless experience to both the recruiter and the candidate. 
  • Marketing and CRM: With marketing solutions and candidate relationship management (CRM) platforms under recruitment automation, companies are able to maintain active communication and relationships with a large pool of candidates. It allows elimination of manual data input and saves time while facilitating advanced engagement and workflows.
  • Application Tracking Systems (ATS): From the day a candidate comes in contact as an applicant for a specific job, an ATS keeps track of the complete process. Automated recruiting software highly leverages advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that keep the candidate-recruiter engagement and experience at peace. 

Challenges that Drive Hiring Automation

The age of automation is here. The impact of technology is advanced and the automated hiring process allows recruiters to overcome some serious challenges to scale growth and fill in the talent gap. 

The demand for talent is huge and the primary challenge for recruiters is to search for the true fit, given the resources and available bandwidth, which is usually expected to be leveraged less.So, efficiency earns the spotlight. 

While other teams land on new projects, new tasks with new employees, the HR department is the engine that keeps the cycle running with existing staff. 

From recruiting a new hire to managing benefits, regulatory issues, training, engagement and other operations, the hiring experts are in charge of an employee’s employment tenure from the point of contact to retirement. 

Automation tools empower recruiters with data and technologies like AI and ML helps understand, analyze and learn candidates key details.  

Recruitment metrics like time to fill and quality of hire, helps the hiring committee to monitor growth and optimize hiring strategies. 

Let’s discuss the challenges that drive hiring automation and help improve the business as a whole.   

  • Competitive Edge: Every company desires to stand atop the competition. The introduction of automated recruiting provides an advantage. Speedy recruitment process with better productivity helps ace the performance graph, and benefits the company to make great strides with appreciation and experience.  
  • Quality Results: Use of automated tools drive efficiencies, streamlines outreach and delivers higher quality results and hires. Better the HR performance, higher are positive outcomes, hence scaled growth and competitive edge over others. 
  • Recruitment process scalability: Hirings are no longer made just to fill a seat. Automating the hiring process improves recruitment strategy. Utilize automation to streamline job applications, fast screening, structuring interview process and bulk onboarding. Integrated strategies and automated tools scales up recruitment and speed up productivity, turnover with high employee morale.
  • Demands and Open Requisitions: Another major challenge that comes ahead of the hiring department is when the demand for new hires is called for with open requisitions. Not only is it overwhelming but also puts the recruiters team in a spot of pressure. Capitalizing ai recruitment software is a smart solution to prioritize open requisitions as well as predictive analysis. 
  • Minimum Time to Hire: From the day a candidate applies for the job opening till the day he/she accepts the offer letter is considered time to hire. With market competition being humongous than ever, companies must try to record below average time to hire to stay ahead. Investing in automated recruiting is one beneficial undertaking that helps refine JDs, ease resume screening, use skill assessments and improve minute details from communication to application updates. 
  • Reliance on Third Party Integration:  It’s a challenge more than a bonus. Dependency on outside firms to manage unfulfilled positions leads to unnecessary delays and excessive resource usage. Such obstacles call for automation integration with the recruitment department and handle unfulfilled postionsin-house. 
  • Avalanche of Information: Processing volume of information concerning the candidate from profiles to resumes, is tiresome and overwhelming for the recruiters. Screening candidates is a time consuming process. Hence, recruiting automated resume screening software streamlines the complete process and promotes faster decision making with quality results. 
  • Biased Behavior: Gut feeling or first impressions, they say, helps in making effective hiring decisions. When you know, you know. However, statistics reveal that nearly one-third of the candidates quit within months leading to higher hiring failure rate.  Subjective thought leads to biased decisions, and bad hires lead to turnover turmoil. Use rational decision making and data-driven facts and automated tools when you hire. Prefer to look into work samples, data, skills and assess the candidate’s capability to fit in. Automate and upgrade. 

Benefits of an Automated Hiring Process

Automation in recruitment and hiring leads to time saving, cost effectiveness and effort reduction.It creates a centralized, collective and controlled data storage of candidates that simplifies headhunting and offers seamless engagement at the same time. 

Looking for a competitive edge, automated recruitment is the solution to investment for finding top talent. These technologies add quality, productivity and consistency. 

What is an investment without benefits? Read ahead and comprehend its benefits for an informed decision making. 

  • Enhanced Productivity: Automated hiring reduces manual endeavors and allows recruiters to focus on more meaningful work. These solutions empower hiring heads to work more efficiently and make faster and better decisions. Increased productivity is a much rewarded benefit and companies willing to transition from manual tasks to technological integration witness some big boosts. 
  • Quality Hiring: Recruitment automation is not just about efficiency but quality hiring too. Introduction of AI recruitment software allows hiring teams to identify and evaluate candidates on characteristics predictive basis and finalize the best fit for the organization. These automated solutions are best leveraged when hiring at scale.
  • Time Saving: Headhunting the right candidate with right skills is a time consuming process. Automated technologies reduce average time on identification, screening and assessments of candidates. With automation of these areas, recruiters are able to utilize their time more productively and bring onboard the best fit with thorough engagement. This reduces time to hire while also adding to positive candidate experience. 
  • Limits Errors: Human errors and bias are real. Using automation technology, companies ensure objective assessment of candidates and hire ideal employees that best fit and increase diversity in the workplace. On the flip side, AI technology limits manual errors and allows independent audits and streamlined workloads through algorithms. 

Common Misconceptions about Automated Recruitment Software

Myths are inevitable and recruitment automation is not saved from it either. AI and machine learning technologies have created a buzz of their own and their usability in HR space is already getting the spotlight. 

With the exceptional boost and escalating performance graph, myths and misconceptions circling recruiting automation continue to cloud the space. 

Many people think that the introduction of automated recruiting in the hiring department eliminates the recruiter’s job. It’s a bogus explanation. 

Instead of replacing the recruiters, these technologies allow them to handle routine tasks efficiently and deliver more productive results. From shifting through multitudes of resumes to impeccable reduction in time to hire, automated recruiting is a blessing than hiccup. 

However, misconceptions are natural. Let’s study the misconceptions about recruiting automation and dispel the truth behind them. 

1. AI recruitment software replaces a recruiter's job

It’s a highly unreal yet common misconception that people make believe. Just like manpower is required to run machines, humans are required to employ these technologies for real outcomes. 

Automated recruiting software helps streamline repetitive tasks, pre-screen candidates, improve communication and engagement, and offers a complete automated hiring experience. 

Infact, high-skilled manforce raise higher benefits from automation and lead to productive and profitable results. 

2. Recruiting automation reinforces hiring bias

Traditional hiring processes witness biased behavior from recruiters. Automated recruiting, however, completely eliminates the risks of bias and alerts the recruits in cases of unconscious bias. 

Each application scanned or assessment evaluated paases through standard blueprints, free from personal inclination, and analyzed strictly based on skills and experience. Features like anonymization is a great way to curtail bias within candidate sourcing systems. 

3. Recruiting Automation is all about AI and chatbots

One of the most misconstrued notions is that recruitment automation is a virtual robot that eats up recruiters’ presence. Well, this is not true. These solutions empower the recruiters and help streamline tedious daily jobs like resume screening, interview scheduling, follow-ups and other manual tasks, which the recruiters otherwise find overwhelming. 

With automated recruiting, the HR department can automate low-value functions and concentrate more on high-value tasks like candidate experience and build a better brand presence. 

How is Recruiting Automation used in the Hiring Process?

With remote hiring more popular than ever, automated recruiting has created quite a presence in the hiring process. In no time, automation will become an essential recruitment  tool to invest in for streamlining hiring processes. 

Being scared is natural and common but face it, replacing humans out of human resources is unworkable and impossible. 

There are many ways to leverage recruiting automation in your hiring systems,some of which are listed below. Let’s hear them. 

1. Pre-screening Candidates

Survival of the fittest is a real thing and automation in recruitment makes it true during mass pre screening. Automated pre-screening tools identify the most qualified candidates based on their skills, experience and characteristics and allows recruiters to move forward with the best qualified ones. 

It’s a time saver with accuracy being the prime benchmark. It’s helpful during initial screening. 

2. Scheduling Interviews

Employing automated technologies saves the recruiter from entering the matrix of scheduling interviews. Contacting candidates for available time slots and scheduling interviews at their preferred time, automated recruiting software simplifies the whole process and keeps the recruiter updated at all times. 

3. Social recruiting and on-the-go hiring

Isn’t it interesting to approach potential candidates on sites they are most active at. Social media! Update the recruiting process and leverage tools that include social media in their point of contact. Access to real-time information allows recruiters to source qualified talent. 

Simultaneously, recruitment automation also comes with mobile recruiting apps that makes it easier to access candidate information, both online and offline. Just a click and the entire data comes handy. It’s a great tool to utilize for faster progression and gaining a competitive edge. 

4. Build talent committee

One of the most effective uses of recruiting automation is building talent communities and directly sourcing talent from these pools. Keep a constant update via company videos showcasing the culture, company buzz and updating skill based content to attract candidate attention and engagement. 

These solutions increase brand presence and gather interest, hence better candidate discovery. Automated platforms also make room for automated job advertising. 

5. Pre-employment assessments

As valuable as it sounds, setting up pre-employment assessments evaluates candidates based on skill and experience and ranks them on the basis of scores. 

Firstly, it eliminates potential hiring bias and further prepares candidate data with a holistic view. Pre-employment assessment integration promotes reliable data collection and a fair move through the hiring process. 

6. Nurturing Relationships with Candidates

Constant updates and follow-up mails are necessary to keep candidates’ interest intact. Employment of candidate Relationship Management systems automate the hiring process and helps in making informed decisions throughout. 

Availability of information on-the-go helps the recruiter to take through the entire process effectively while maintaining candidate engagement through automated emails. 


With automated technologies at work, the HR department is no longer in a fix to sit through the lengthy hiring process and shuffle through resumes to find the best fit. Take advantage of these perks and invest time in more creative ways to source talent and enhance candidate engagement and experience. 

It’s the age of artificial intelligence. It’s never a better time than now to embrace these technologie and build a better brand value. Digital platforms promote productivity, profitability and prowess, all in one frame.

The bottomline is it’s a highly competitive landscape for recruiters and leveraging automated recruiting software is an intelligent medium to source top talent while being efficient and dynamic. 

Automation in recruitment is like empowering the power.

Getting all the menial tasks streamlined beforehand creates room for more meaningful operations and focus on skilled based candidate sourcing. 

Intromagic is a fully automated recruiting software that equips recruiters to automate their candidate screening process. Recruiters as humans are irreplaceable and the power they hold to employ these technologies tops everything. 

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