Automated Video Interviews: Crucial Tips to Ace Them

Posted by IntroMagic Team on December 11th, 2021

An automated video interview or ‘asynchronous video interview’ is when a candidate answers questions asked by a recruiter in the form of a video. 

A fad that is gaining traction in the recruitment space, automated interviews not only save valuable time for the recruiter but also provide a chance for the candidate to showcase her/his personality better. 

Answering questions traditionally is like taking a survey which often removes the candidate from being authentic and confines her/him to a paper document. A format that seldom brings out the best in people, the automated online video interview is excelling in replacing these yesteryear methods. 

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the nuances of the automated interview process, and learn everything about it. 

How to prepare for an automated interview, the do’s & don’ts, what to do during the interview, important tips to remember, and much more crucial information is listed below. 

Preparing for an Automated Online Video Interview

A step that is as important as taking the interview itself, preparing for the interview is when you can control how to make the best first impression. 

How to Create a Video Cover Letter?

Regardless of the position, the industry, the job description, and other nuances, the mentioned details of creating a video cover letter remain the name.

1. Before the Online Video Interview

To begin with, be proactive and provide all the details your interviewer has asked for before the interview. Details like report cards, salary slips, experience letters, previous company offer letters, and others help the recruiter place the papers to the video interview easily.

Furthermore, maintain a soft copy of the said documents along with your CV, cover letter, photographs, address proof, and other details the tool may ask you to provide.

Run technical diagnostics beforehand:

2. Set the Right Ambiance

Remember that the interview can see everything your camera can so setting an appropriate, professional ambiance is important.

3. Test the Software/Tool Beforehand

The company you’re interviewing for would have a proprietary tool/software to conduct video interviews or has a tie-up with a product service provider. Learning this tool before the interview makes a world of difference.

4. Get Ready to Join

It pays to be ready with professional attire and at least 15 minutes before the interview starts, so make sure to tick all the boxes below.

During the Interview

Now that you’re all prepared to ace the one-way automated interview, here are some essential pointers to follow during the interview.

Benefits of Asynchronous Video Interview

Now that you’re well equipped to tackle any automated video interview head-on, let us take a look at the benefits of the same. Go through the benefits completely as they include a few hints you can incorporate during your asynchronous video interview.

1. Flexibility & Convenience

Remote working has been pivotal to keep the world economy afloat during the pandemic situation. What resulted as a consequence are startups that fully embraced the work from home culture, and the flexibility automated video interviews provide is tailor-made for such companies. 

Saving costs of rent, broadband internet, housekeeping, maintenance, and much more, the flexibility remote working brings is unlike any other. Even if companies decide to go for a hybrid work culture or reopen offices fully, the interview screening videos can be picked up where they were left off during the hiring process. 

Zoom calls shot up to the top of millions of companies’ priority lists in the last two years for a reason. The convenience provided by video conferencing can be directly extrapolated to that of automated interviews, as they enable similar benefits. 

Traffic constraints, walk-in waiting lines, pressures of unfamiliar locations, and the sheer intimidation of the interview process vanish with the application of asynchronous video interviews.

2. Efficiency & Insight

Automated video interviews are efficient in more ways than one. They not only enable quick scheduling of multiple interviews at once but do so without location constraints. 

What happens as a consequence is that the company is able to benefit from the talents of an employee who’s located across the world who isn’t able to relocate due to various reasons. 

Interviews that are scheduled sooner, take place faster, and the hiring can happen within days, as opposed to weeks in a traditional setting. 

The efficiency of communication is yet another factor that can’t be ignored. Asynchronous interviews help the decision-making team speed up the process when they have recorded videos that can be shared seamlessly. 

Automated interviews provide surprising insight into the process that couldn’t be imagined before. The recording of an interview makes for a safe, consistent, and compliant experience for the candidate and the recording can be replayed in any given situation. 

The very recording can be used to showcase an excellent candidate interview (or otherwise) to supervisors, managers, and people at the top of the company hierarchy. 

Insights into interviews can play a crucial role in the decision-making process while hiring and even after.

3. Consistency & Experience

Human variables play a crucial role during the interview process. The consistency in the questions asked, responses provided, the interactions between the candidate and the recruiter is tracked and recorded to the tee. 

This paves the way for consistent interviews, performance tracking, and fairer hiring circumstances. 

The demarcation between a candidate who could make it personally to an interview and a candidate who took the interview online diminishes completely and the consistency in the process prevails. 

Taking an interview from a familiar setting of one’s house is completely different from visiting the office premises. More candidates prefer taking interviews and working from home as opposed to traveling every day to the office, so the experience provided by automated video interviews are second to none.

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