Best early signs of a dedicated candidate


Posted by IntroMagic Team on April 29th, 2021

Of all the qualitative traits that a job seeker possesses, dedication can make them a valuable asset. At first, it may be complex to assess their dedication because such an attribute is often embedded in their deep-rooted perspective and mannerism. It may not always be on display from the moment you receive their application.

You could conduct several rounds of HR screening activities, share multilayered assignments with the job applicant, and sometimes still not have an entirely accurate measure of their dedication.

It is essential to assess a candidate’s dedication from the beginning to ensure that they’d be committed to the job and don’t plan to quit the moment the road gets bumpy.

Up until the point when they begin working at your company, it could be difficult to assess whether they are genuinely hard-working and passionate about the role or not.

But there’s a lot of insight you could gain by observing some of the candidate’s behaviour and perspective during the HR screening.

Here are some ways to spot a dedicated candidate before you make the hiring decision. Whether you use video interview software or not, these signs will become apparent at various points in the evaluation process.


If the job applicant possesses knowledge about the company, the position, and the industry, take it for a sign that they will be just as well-informed on the job too.

A candidate’s preparedness shows that they are invested in the role long before they’ve been hired for it.

This is a golden quality in a job applicant because although their preparation would be fueled by the desire to be chosen out of all the applicants, the degree to which they prepare is evidence of the kind of individual they are.

Their readiness can manifest in many ways. You should make sure to observe their clarity of thought, knowledge, responses, and body language.

It is easy to distinguish a candidate who has taken the time and effort to prepare for the interview from one who has only done the bare minimum.

Another way to know the depth of the candidate’s readiness is to closely assess their email cover letter and/ or video introduction to see how they’ve mapped their qualifications to the requirements of the job.

Professional Ethics

A person’s work ethic says a lot about how they’d be as an employee. Work ethic or professional ethic is nothing but the set of beliefs, attitudes, and actions that dictate a person’s perspective toward work.

Consider whether the candidate has shown a firm sense of punctuality. Were they on time when invited to use the video interview software? Or when they had to submit a short assessment task, were they capable of meeting the deadline?

You must also assess how they conduct themselves. Some parameters could be choice of words in communication, respect, mannerism, sense of courtesy. What impression of their attitude do you get from their behaviour?

At times, candidates may have genuine reasons for not being able to project their best selves during the interview. So try to be mindful of that when you evaluate their suitability.

Ultimately, various points of contact throughout the recruitment process will shed light on their professional ethics.


To have a vision is to have a clear roadmap about one’s future. Candidates who are forthright about their vision showcase their long term goals and how committed they are to achieving these goals.

You can easily glean a candidate’s vision by asking specific questions regarding their career aspirations, plans, etc.

A few thought-starter questions to consider are – does the candidate picture themselves to be a part of your company for years to come? In what manner do they indicate this?

Do they imply how this career move fits into their overall goals? They should be able to convey just why working at your company aligns with their ambition and not already be thinking as to why it would serve as a stepping stone for the next job they’ll take up.

Understanding a candidate’s vision works in your favour too, because you can chart their career path within the company and help them attain their professional goals.

This will, in turn, keep them motivated to perform well at work and create a sense of employee loyalty.


Candidates who are passionate about their job also make for dedicated employees. They are self-motivated and eager to grow at work.

You could either ask specific questions to understand why a candidate enjoys their profession or evaluate that based on all their responses to the interview questions. Try to comprehend what intrinsic quality about the role drives them.

Much like vision, passion is a crucial element in keeping an individual committed to the work they do and the company that they’re employed at.

Passion comes across not just in what they say but in their body language as well. The way they communicate exhibits just how excited or eager they are to be pursuing this position at your company.


Knowing how dedicated a candidate is can help you make effective decisions faster.

You should look out for these signs and try to assess the job applicant on these parameters to know how they’d perform as your employee.

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