Can a video cover letter get you offers faster?


Posted by IntroMagic Team on April 3rd, 2021

Words carry with them an immense power of persuasion but coupled with visuals, that power is only reinforced further.

And so, you’ll find that using a video cover letter accelerates your job application. It helps you break away from the frustration of sending countless emails to companies without hearing back from any.

They are quick to create and empower you to cut through the competition with ease.

Amongst various trends in the job sector, video cover letters are rapidly becoming the norm, as applicants find better results when using them to pitch themselves for a role.

What is a Video Cover Letter?

A video cover letter is a short video that job seekers film and share with hiring managers. In it, applicants introduce themselves, their qualifications and convey their interest in applying for the respective position.

It can be as short as 1 minute and sometimes even 3 minutes long. These video files are usually submitted either on the company’s website or to their careers email ID.

For the uninitiated, structuring a video cover letter may seem a little daunting at the start.

That’s where IntroMagic comes in. We enable you to get started quickly without having to research tens of cover letter templates. Our online software is easy to navigate and helps you submit the most structured and engaging video cover letter.

Benefits of Using a Video Cover Letter

Despite the effort that you’d have to put in into creating a video introduction, they are far more effective than text-based cover letters.

Some of the many benefits they offer to applicants are as follows.

Get the Hiring Manager’s Attention

At any given time, hiring managers may have to go through hundreds of cover letters and resumes. When you submit a video cover letter, you are essentially drawing their attention towards your job application because it stands out from the whole lot.

Since it is a visual form of communication, you can share a message that packs a punch. Making it crisp and to the point will further help you form an indelible impression in the mind of the hiring manager.

A survey conducted by Vault Inc. shows that 89% of employers are willing to watch a video resume. And yet, a substantial percentage of applicants choose to submit a PDF file. This is your chance to have an advantage over other applicants.

how to get hiring manager's attention

Display Your Interests & Personality

Nothing is as convincing as the knowledge and passion you exude when communicating orally. And that’s how video cover letters give you the upper hand.

They enable the hiring manager to get a glimpse of your personality, communication skills, and mindset – which truly brings your job application to life.

Use the video duration wisely and allow your intrinsic motivations to persuade the manager. You can briefly mention your interests and depict how the responsibilities associated with the position speak to your soul.

Highlight Key Strengths From Your Resume

Resumes contain a lot of information, and hiring managers generally spend a few minutes assessing them.

Once submitted, you have no influence over how the manager perceives your resume and its components.

But, with a video cover letter, you can emphasize parts of your resume that you want the hiring manager to make a note of. In a way, you can take control of the impression they form from your job application because you are now actively involved in guiding their attention to specific points on your resume.

key strengths to mention in resume


If you want to boost your job application and get noticed by hiring managers, submitting a video cover letter is the way to go.

With IntroMagic, you can create, share, and track video cover letters easily.

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