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Posted by IntroMagic Team on April 1st, 2021

Hiring managers have their work cut out for them with regards to talent mapping. You may have noticed how it takes an inordinate amount of time to make a single hire, and with unemployment rates increasing in the last couple of years, job postings attract more and more applications.

And sometimes, even after the hours spent interviewing candidates, the quality of hire is not at par with what the position calls for.

But change is in the air. Are you ready to transform the way you approach talent mapping? Do you want to derive better results in a shorter period?

IntroMagic is the Screening Tool You Need

A screening tool, much like some video interview software, can assist you in your talent acquisition process by filtering suitable candidates from the pool of hundreds who apply for a job.

Doing this at the preliminary stage creates an effective process of talent mapping and is an optimum way of utilising hiring resources.

With IntroMagic, there’s no need to sit through interview after interview, trying to determine if a certain applicant also possesses the personality traits that will help them excel at the job.

Our HR software offers you several benefits that will redefine your recruitment process.

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Prompt Talent Acquisition

Whether you need to fill a position urgently or simply do not have the resources to spend days looking for the perfect candidate, IntroMagic’s video cover letter feature helps you shortlist applicants in as little as 2 minutes.

These videos can then be shared with the respective teams or executives to make a hiring decision promptly. You can very well forget having to set up multiple meetings, aligning interviews with everyone’s availability, and ineffectively utilising time.

Find The Right Fit

A resume in itself is a detached way of evaluating one’s qualifications. There’s no personal touch to it, and more often than not, it doesn’t give you any idea about how the candidate would fare under different circumstances within the company.

When an applicant uses IntroMagic to submit their application, they put their best foot forward. This makes it easier for you to assess their strengths and weaknesses while also gaining clarity about their personality traits.

Moreover, you can choose to include prompts or questions that are unique and relevant to the position while creating a job posting. Such a feature of our screening tool optimises your search for the right fit and enables you to evaluate applicant responses outside of a formal interview setting.

Enhance The Company Image

Applicants apply for multiple jobs in an attempt to increase the chances of gaining interview calls from at least a few of them. But mostly, they rarely hear back from a majority of the places they apply to.

And depending on the platform they’ve used, they may or may not get a generic notification saying that their application hasn’t been chosen. While this is a bitter pill to swallow, it has become part and parcel of the candidate experience.

The analytics feature of our HR software further helps candidates understand exactly how their application is performing. There’s an added level of certainty to the experience.

company image in job market

And that’s how you can stand out and build a favourable impression in the minds of applicants. Using IntroMagic as a screening tool makes your recruitment process different from that of other industry players.

You are bound to enhance the candidate experience by making the job search a more engaging process and placing emphasis on crucial parameters other than years of experience and educational background.

Un-Complicate Talent Mapping

Incorporating IntroMagic into your recruitment process streamlines the whole process and provides you with a greater degree of customisation that ordinarily would be difficult to achieve.

With the features of the screening tool, a few clicks is all it takes to set up the job posting and then keep evaluating the applications that come in. IntroMagic combines the ability to screen for personality while also saving your team’s precious time and energy in candidate assessment.

Become a part of the new age of recruiting with IntroMagic.

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