How can you personalize each job application?


Posted by IntroMagic Team on May 8th, 2021

Personalization is to your job application what vitamins are to your health. They are beneficial for deriving precise results and enhance your ability to sustain good practices.

One way to personalize every job application is to compose a clear email cover letter and an appealing video resume. With both of these, there’s no way that your application will get lost in the pile because the efforts you’ve put in speaks volumes about your professionalism.

Did you know that 70% of job applications get disqualified by applicant tracking systems without being read? This is your sign to stop bulk applying for jobs. If you truly want to hear back from the recruiters, dedicate time for each job application.

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In this blog, we’ve listed a few steps that you can take to ensure each application is customized as per the job.

What Does Personalization Entail?

Before you begin personalizing your job application, you must understand what it involves.

Personalization is a way for you to highlight relevant skills, qualifications, and traits in a way that addresses the requirements of the job.

Sending the same video resume or email for two different jobs can not possibly work, just like no two candidates are likely to have the same qualifications and traits because personality and knowledge are not quantifiable parameters.

Even though the position that you are applying for may be the same at both companies, you need to understand what are the prerequisites to getting hired.

Without personalization, you’d just be sending the same email to all the different employers. And there’d be nothing unique in your application.


It’s not enough to thoroughly read the job description. Some companies may even include a paragraph about their brand in the job posting, but you want to go above and beyond that.

You should learn more about the company’s mission, reputation, and employees to be able to personalize your application down to a T. Moreover, there’s a lot more information available online for you; you never know what might give you the unique insight that will help you personalize your application while illustrating your interest in the company.

So, having the knowledge is key to tailoring your communication. Be as persuasive as you can with the information you have found through reliable research.

A few things to do at this point in your journey are to browse the company website, review portals, Linkedin, and their social media pages (if any). These should be ample to go on.

Identify & Correlate

As you’d know by now, every job description lists around 5-8 responsibilities and at least 4-5 points for candidate requirements. This could be traits, specific skills, or even the years of experience preferred by the company.
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It’s not wise to address all of these in your email or video resume because you want to keep it crisp and follow effective email writing strategies. So, what you can do is identify the top 3 responsibilities and correlate them to your qualifications/ traits.

Emphasize these to the best of your ability through the video resume and email cover letter.

Ideally, if you are looking to connect attributes, you should correlate the responsibilities listed to your professional experience and the candidate profile they’ve highlighted to your traits.


Once you’ve picked what you want to mention, don’t just go about highlighting them in any random order. Structure helps form a strong core that holds your entire communication in place and delivers value.

In both the email cover letter and video resume, you want to show a natural progression of thought.

Despite soft skills being the most in-demand skills that managers look for, begin by briefly mentioning your experience. E.g., if the company needs a candidate who is well-versed with CMS like WordPress, you could talk about the years of experience you have using such software. If you have achieved quantifiable results for any project, specify that too.

After the experience, go on to mention your personality strengths and how they’d help you contribute to the organization.


This is the last step in personalizing your job application, where you finally sit down to create the video resume and then write a short email to complement your video resume.

At this stage, you have all the information necessary to make a convincing case about what an ideal candidate you are.

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A few last-minute pointers to keep in mind are grammar checks, appropriate body language, and articulate communication. These reviews and minor tweaks will massively improve the impact of your job application. So, try not to skip these tasks.


If you’ve never tried personalizing your job application before, you must begin now. Soon, you’ll find that the outcomes are proportional to your efforts, and you’ll never look back.

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