How to stand out amongst hundreds of candidates?


Posted by IntroMagic Team on April 1st, 2021

As if job hunting wasn’t competitive enough, the pandemic has worsened the plight of job seekers around the world.
One look at a job posting will tell you just how difficult it can be to get noticed, to stand out amongst the hundreds of applicants who’ve applied for that job, especially if you are not using a video resume.
Have you ever wondered how you can clear the HR screening and persuasively display your key strengths?
We’ve compiled a list of handy tips for you to elevate the power of your application and get a fair shot at displaying your strengths in front of the hiring managers.
personalized cover letter

Don’t Send a Generic Cover Letter

A substantial majority of job seekers submit text resumes that are far from personalized.
Some professional platforms have facilitated this bulk application behaviour through their “Easy Apply” feature, which allows candidates to upload a resume and submit it to hundreds of companies with merely a few clicks.
This not only harms your chances of being shortlisted but also prevents you from making your case since you don’t get the chance to send a cover letter in the first instance.
Always look for an email ID you can contact or the careers page for the respective companies.
Secondly, a lot of people tend to use a rinse and repeat approach when applying to multiple jobs in a day.

On the one hand, it is understandable that not following a cover letter template or going the extra mile to personalize each cover letter is a strenuous and time-consuming task.

But let’s consider it this way – if you can’t put in that minimal effort, how are you to convince recruiters that you are the right fit for the role?

If you’ve ever contemplated copy-pasting the same cover letter for numerous job applications, the harsh truth is that you might as well save your energy.

HR managers and recruiters bring years of experience with them. They can spot a generic cover letter from a mile away. So, do what it takes to impress them at this first point of contact.

Create a Video Resume

Your next question might be, “If not the usual cover letter, how can I strengthen my application?”. Well, there’s nothing like a solid video resume to help you form a positive impression in the mind of the hiring manager.

A video resume is simply a short video that applicants film to introduce themselves and express their interest in applying for a specific work opportunity.

With IntroMagic’s video resume software, you can record, share, and track your application easily. It hardly takes time to set up an account and get started on submitting personalised video intros that will compel the recruiter to focus on your profile.

People tend to underestimate the value of visual forms of communication. Most of them won’t even consider submitting a video resume. And that’s how you can stand out.

You’ll be surprised by just how well your application performs when you include a video resume in it.

Address the Job Posting

In an attempt to display their educational and professional background, job seekers sometimes place too much emphasis on themselves without even addressing the company, the department or the position that they are applying for.

This can be a major drawback. Yes, recruiters want to know more about you to assess your job application.

But when you mention elements or phrases from the job posting in your video resume, you are essentially conveying to them that you’ve taken the time and effort to understand the requirements of the job. And that you are not blindly applying for every opportunity that becomes available.

personal pitch in resume

It is essential to show them that you’ve done your due diligence and you know that you’d be the right fit for the position.

When bringing up your academics, previous work experience or personality traits, always connect it to what the position entails and demonstrate that you have what it takes to excel at the job.

Follow up

Chances are that if you apply for 15 jobs a day and you don’t hear back from 12 of them, you’ll probably not consider following up.

It’s not a widely common practice amongst applicants to follow up.

But then again, in this day and age, it takes an immense amount of effort, dedication, and professionalism to land a good job. So if you’re in it to win it, follow up with a polite email.

There are several reasons why a job poster may not get back – they either felt you’re not the right candidate, they’re no longer looking to fill the position, and so on.

But it’s better to be kept informed than wonder what went wrong. What you can do is attach your video resume for reference; in case the recruiter doesn’t recall your application.

following up on applications
Ask them if the position has already been filled and if yes, would they be able to share some feedback on what you could’ve done better.
This works two ways in your favour. Firstly, it displays your persistence, which is a great quality in an employee. If the hiring manager hadn’t been considering you before, it may give them a tiny nudge to do so now.
Secondly, out of the hundreds of applicants who apply for the job, being one of the few who has bothered to follow up will place you in good stead. In case of any vacancies in the future or other opportunities that come up, this hiring manager will certainly recall you.


The more you display your keen interest in the company, the more it will reflect positively on your candidate assessment.

Use IntroMagic’s free video resume software to ensure you have a fighting chance of being interviewed.

Register today and stand out amongst hundreds of candidates applying for the job you want!

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