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Posted by IntroMagic Team on April 22nd, 2021

One of the most confounding aspects of candidate experience is being kept in the dark after submitting a job application.

You simply don’t know if the vacancy has been filled, your video resume wasn’t convincing, or if the company is no longer hiring for that position due to some reason.

Because of the volume of job applications that hiring managers receive, they mostly don’t respond to each applicant. Sometimes, they may also not have the resources to do so. On the one hand, you can understand just how overwhelming it could be, but it doesn’t stop you from wishing for some clarity.

Why Do You Need Application Analytics?

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IntroMagic provides applicants with a much-needed feature for their job application – application analytics. These are social metrics that can be tracked by the applicant on their IntroMagic dashboard. They are listed specifically for each job and are easy to understand.

The reason why they are important is that they shed light on the status of your job application. Far too often, applicants invest a lot of energy and time applying for jobs and following up with companies, only to hear no response from them. In fact, candidates spend as much as 6 months, on average, searching for a job.

Having access to application analytics not only lets you know if you are even being considered for the job but also provides an impetus to follow up.

While applying for jobs through job portals, you don’t know if the fault lies in your application. But, with application analytics, you can constantly strive to improve your communication, quality of video resume, and other aspects of your application.

What Metrics Should You Track?

There are multiple metrics you can track via IntroMagic – views, likes, replies, and internal shares.
Views denote just how many times your application has been viewed, either by the immediate point of contact in the company (i.e. the hiring manager) or by other relevant professionals in the organization (HR team members, executives, department heads, etc.), who hold some decision making power with regards to your job application.

Likes are an indication that your email and video resume submission impressed the hiring manager. Ideally, it is a good sign, and you know that you have a competitive advantage over some other applicants.

If you are found to be a great personality fit for the role, the manager would essentially reply to your job application, informing you of the next steps. In this case, you know what to do next and have the means to qualify for further rounds of evaluation.

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Lastly, internal shares are a metric that signifies how many times your job application has been shared within the company. For example, the hiring manager, who is the first point of contact, may find you to be a good fit. And hence, they would, in all likelihood, share your video resume with other decision-makers to assess whether they too would like to pursue your candidacy.

What Can You Do Next?

In the case of internal shares, you know that in one way or the other, you do have the potential to be hired for that particular role; whether it’s at this organization or another is yet to be seen.

If you only get a couple of views for a job application, it might be a sign that you need to improve your application or that your qualifications don’t align with what the manager is looking for. This does not mean that you can’t get hired for that position, but try to build your video resume by focusing on some other key skills you possess.

You can always follow up with the company to understand what you could’ve done better.

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And if you have gotten a reply from the manager, make sure to be prompt in your response. Submit any assignment they’ve mentioned as soon as possible or agree to the interview they are asking to schedule.

Remember that your actions also contribute to your application assessment.


The IntroMagic software helps applicants know how their job application is faring.

Bring out your personality through a video resume application and incentivize hiring managers to reach out to you.

You can use our application analytics to optimize your job application and have more information on where you stand.

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