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Posted by IntroMagic Team on April 8th, 2021

Working at an organization is more than just performing the roles & responsibilities to the best of your abilities.

You must pay attention to company culture to understand crucial information about the organization, its values, and how much it cares about its employees.

The signs of company culture can be understood easily in this day and age. You can look for clues on social media platforms, review sites, and the company website. Sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn are a treasure trove of information for applicants. Even a lot of job descriptions these days enlighten candidates about the company culture.

Taking note of these signs helps you in two ways. Firstly, you can ensure that you’d be satisfied working for them and being associated with their mission.

Secondly, once you have identified the organization that is right for you, submitting a video cover letter enables you to make your case about being the ideal candidate for a particular role. You can align the content of your video cover letter with their expectations and showcase your value proposition.

Company Motto

Every company needs a solid set of principles to govern the business and ensure its growth. So take a look at their brand introduction and see what values stand out to you. You can even bring up this topic during the screening interview.

If there’s clarity in their mission and vision, it’s a sign that employees are likely to have a sense of direction when working at the organization and don’t feel lost.

Right from the way they communicate to the information they provide in the job posting can give you an idea about the company’s values. Are they a formal organization or one that’s casual and flexible?

Another aspect to consider is what core requirements do they focus on when searching for an ideal employee. This can tell you a lot about whether you’d fit in well or not.

Company Culture Fit, Finding the Right Company for You

Employee Loyalty

Employee loyalty is a great determinant of workplace culture. Good cultural practices tend to foster enhanced loyalty amongst employees, almost building a sense of family within the team.

If a current employee, one who does not work in the HR department, reached out to introduce the job vacancy to you, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that they’d recommend the company.

You can also find out about the current employees’ views on the workplace by checking reviews online. This will also shed light on what aspects of working at the organization appeal to the employees.

An online survey conducted showed that more than one-third of US employees would decline a perfect job if there was no cultural match.

Work Environment

While it is harder to glean from the outside what the work environment is like, there are still some ways to get insights.

The company’s social media pages act as a window into the daily practices and approach of the organization. To attract top talent, a lot of organizations create “behind the scenes” posts that reflect their work environment.

Look for posts that current employees have shared on their profiles. What picture does it paint?

Whether the work environment is formal/ casual, consists of fixed/ flexible working hours, make sure to highlight why you’d fit well in the organization.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Equal opportunities, inclusivity, and diversity have become crucial aspects of organizational culture. During the screening interview, you can ask questions about the workforce and the measures the organization takes to ensure inclusivity.

It is one thing to see it mentioned in a video interview software. But a glance at job portals will give you an idea about some of the employees working at the company. Is there a balance between genders? Does the company hire people from marginalized communities?

Diversity and Inclusivity in company culture
Asking and finding answers to such questions will truly help you decide just how diversity-friendly and values-driven the company is.

Trust and Job Security

Sometimes even the most dedicated employees may begin to lose heart when the company displays a sheer lack of trust in its workers. These can manifest in several ways such as micromanagement, groupism, not being kept in the loop, etc.

Trust is a two-way street. An organization that doesn’t trust its employees gives them a reason to not expect much from the company. Moreover, employees need to be assured about their job security. If they see constant layoffs without any warning or prior indication, it’s not a great sign.

You want to work at a company where you don’t have to constantly keep submitting reports about minute tasks to your manager or be prevented from taking decisions independently.

Also, if a company has a high turnover, that too can be a cause for concern.


It is important to understand a company’s culture to ascertain that it aligns with who you are. Without this, you’d be walking in blind, unsure of whether you’d come to enjoy your experience or not.

Once you have found an organization where the culture mirrors your expectations, use IntroMagic to create and submit an engaging video cover letter.

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