A Comprehensive Guide to Pre Recorded Video Interviews

Posted by IntroMagic Team on August 14th, 2021

The pandemic has certainly changed the way the world functions. Ever knew that pre recorded video interviews could actually be a thing? Well, that’s the reality now. It has transformed the recruitment industry to a whole new paradigm, giving companies a noteworthy advantage that they have been looking for.

Before we go in-depth about it, let’s have a quick look at the stats.

Video interviews are not new. They were used even before COVID19 struck. In fact, 70% of the employers listed in the Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Awards were already using video interviewing as a part of their hiring process. 

Why are Pre Recorded Video Interviews a Trend?

What changed after the pandemic was the time constraints. Technology advanced at an unimaginable pace and so did the hiring demand. The recruitment timeframe became shorter and as a result, pre recorded video interviews turned out to be hassle-free, inexpensive, and a lot easier for both recruiters and candidates.

Today, pre-recorded job interviews are not just in focus but also have become a crucial element in the recruitment toolkit. This means more digitization in the overall recruitment process, and a key aspect to this is video technology.

Having said that, let’s dive deeper and learn what it is, how it can help the hiring process, best practices, and lots more.

What are Pre Recorded Video Interviews?

A pre recorded video interview is a job interview that’s recorded in advance and sent to the recruiter to watch later. 

For a candidate, this means that he or she should connect to the specific platform to record the interview remotely. There is no human involved. Instead, a candidate is all alone, facing the camera with a few questions being asked by the software.

How Do Pre Recorded Video Interviews Work?

It’s simple. A recruiter pre-selects the questions related to a particular job role using the software or platform and sends it to a few candidates via a link to record their answers within the given deadline. 

The interview is carried out on the platform which is available either on a desktop or mobile app. The candidate receives the link via email to connect to the platform by signing up.

Once the candidate is logged in, there is usually an introduction video of how to use the platform and what needs to be done to record the interview. A couple of tests with the camera & microphone, and when the candidate is ready, he or she can initiate the pre-recorded video interview session.

Since the recruiter sets all the interview questions in advance, they also decide on how long the interview should last. There might also be cases when a recruiter can set multiple choice questions or choose to have the candidates provide written responses.

A candidate answers the questions, pretty much the way he or she interacts during a live or face-to-face interview. Once the session reaches the end, the recruiter receives the video, watches it at his or her own preferred time, and finally, evaluates if the candidate is a good fit or not for the next interview round.

So what’s in it for both candidates and recruiters with pre recorded video interviews? 

Advantages of Pre Recorded Video Interviews

The benefits of using pre recorded video interviews for both recruiters and candidates are many. Let’s understand them in detail.

For RecruitersFor Candidates

1. Speeds up the hiring process

According to careerbuilder, 66% of the applicants move on if they don’t hear back from the recruiter after 2 weeks. 

Now that’s an interesting figure to note and gives you a stronger reason to use pre recorded video interviews. It eliminates a big step in the candidate selection process, reducing not just the time to hire but also the risk of losing potential candidates—especially while hiring in high volume.

1. Great chance to showcase skills

Applicants have a wonderful opportunity to portray themselves naturally without suddenly being in the spotlight. 

They can relax, take their own sweet time, and answer every question calmly. This is way better than a stressful 45-minute live interview.

The beauty of using pre recorded video interviews is that candidates have an option to stop the session and re-record once again if they feel they have messed things up somewhere.

2. Lowers the cost to hire

Not only do one way video interviews improve the hiring quality but also saves money through higher engagement and low employee turnover.

All it takes is a couple of work hours for the hiring team to set up the recruitment process through the platform. 

It is a fantastic way to evaluate a candidate at a deeper level, particularly for remote job roles that engage directly with prospects and customers.

2. Reduces the need to travel

Let’s take the scenario of a typical job event at a college or a university. The job fair is organised and communicated in advance so that candidates can commute to the specific location to appear for the initial interview level. This is time-consuming, expensive, and can be nerve-wracking.But with pre recorded video interviews, this is no longer the case.

3. Reduces the time invested in the recruitment process

Imagine the amount of time and efforts that go in communicating, organizing, scheduling, and executing the screening process? Woah, that’s expensive and exhausting!

But with pre-recorded job interviews, you do more with less. With self-scheduling options, you are eliminating the long, back-and-forth communications to find that ‘ideal’ candidate you are looking for. 

3. Makes it more relaxing and easy

Interview processes can be overwhelming, especially for certain job roles. This also gets applicants to become more nervous. 

However, with a pre-recorded video interview, it can eliminate the stress. By allowing the candidates to take a pause, take a deep breath, record their answers at their pace, and pick up from where they left.

Disadvantages of Pre Recorded Video Interviews

There’s always two sides to every story, which is also true with pre-recorded video interviews. But the benefits outweigh the drawbacks in this case.

For Recruiters For Candidates

1. Access to limited information 

Perhaps, one of the biggest limitations with pre-recorded video interviews is that recruiters cannot respond to the candidates while they are answering the questions. 

So the information that you receive is a little limited. And there’s no way you can ask a follow-up question (like in live interviews) to help you know better about the candidate. You’re stuck with just the information they answer.

1. Not everyone is camera-friendly

Not all are great at facing the camera and comfortable at recording videos. There are candidates who are super shy and can perform worse in a video interview. 

Though it might help ones with social anxiety, it can certainly turn out to be the opposite for candidates that talk to people regularly but tend to record themselves rarely.

2. Missed opportunity on company promotion

It is difficult for recruiters to promote the company in pre-recorded interviews. Often, hiring managers tend to forget the fact that the candidates attending the interview are here to interview the company too. So it’s a two-way process and they might not have adequate information to decide if it’s the right company to get into. You don’t have the opportunity to convince a good candidate to explain the company’s perks to its employees.

2. Can be dehumanizing to a few

Pre-recorded video interviews might make a few applicants feel dehumanized.

At times, these interviews look like another automated algorithmic approach to potential hires, which in turn, not just puts them off but also makes candidates think that the organization doesn’t really care about anything other than filtering people. 

Pre Recorded Video Interview Tips

This section is applicable to both the parties—recruiters and candidates. So let’s understand them in detail.

Pre Recorded Video Interview Tips For Recruiters

Introducing video interviews to your present workflow without thinking it through just won’t be right, and even if you do, your brand might take a hit because you’re automating the process in a completely wrong way. Before you take this step, remember that the idea is to personalize it. 

Take some time in utilizing video interviews to enhance your credibility as an amazing employer by keeping these tips in mind:

1. Create a nice introductory video for the candidates

Whether you ask one of your team members to do this for you or do it yourself, it’s up to you. But have a high-quality introductory video in place to help candidates be familiar with the new technology that you are trying to implement in the organization.

With your introductory recording, make sure to:

2. Guide the candidates about the technology

Let’s face it. Pre-recorded interviews are fairly new and not everybody is aware of it. For some applicants, it might be their first time. So make sure to guide the candidates and help them prepare. 

Set expectations and make sure to highlight these:

3. Include a few video questions

Of course, the idea to use pre-recording video platforms is to ease your process by adding your interview questions and sending them to the candidates but doing this just won’t be enough. As mentioned earlier, you have to personalize it as much as you can.
Make sure to do these before sending your questionnaire to the candidates:

Pre Recorded Video Interview Tips For Candidates

For candidates, it’s vital to understand that pre-recorded video interviews are only a small and initial part of the selection process. They are not created to replace resumes or face-to-face interviews altogether. 

Recruiters still shortlist CVs that match to the specific requirements of a job role, and a pre-recorded video interview is just an additional layer that helps hirers clear a few doubts that they might have about a candidate. So for applicants, this serves as an excellent opportunity to showcase their personality and skills better. 

Having said that, here are some best practices to keep in mind:

1. Record in a noiseless environment with a professional background

One of the best practices to follow when recording pre-recorded video interviews is to have a professional background and be in a place full of noise. 

While recording your video, make sure to follow these tips:

2. Stay calm while recording

Since it’s a new way of interviewing, you are more likely to feel awkward while answering the pre-recorded questions without the recruiter being physically present. However, it is crucial to be calm and keep yourself relaxed.
While recording the video interview, please keep these things in mind:

3. Practice, practice, and practice

We can’t stress this enough but the only way to get things right is to practice. Although a pre-recorded video interview is less intense and shorter than a face-to-face interview, you still have to practice it with the same dedication, thoroughness, and focus.
Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Final Words…

Pre recorded video interviews might seem a bit of a new and unsettling exercise initially, but it’s different, easy, and much better than the typical interview formats.

For recruiters, it’s a hassle-free process, and for candidates, it’s a golden opportunity to showcase their skills and personality. So don’t let that anxiety get into your way if a recruiter offers you a link to pre-record the interview. Use this to your advantage and seal the chance to your dream job.

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