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Try it free for 14 days.
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“IntroMagic helped me get my profile noticed and an interview call for a job that had over 200 applicants apply for it.”

Ryan Stephen

Job Applicant

“Life-saver! Saved me hundreds of dollars I otherwise spent last quarter on screening interviews. What’s even better is that all shortlisted candidates were good fits for the job, in terms of personality, given that I recruit primarirly for sales.”

Arthur Mullen


“We’re a really busy & growing startup, and using the IntroMagic jobs gives our recruiting team a really easy way to screen video applications, shortlist, and share within the team so they can beat the otherwise long hours with pdf resumes and use the extra time for internal team HR activities.”

Stepahnie Mayer

Co- founder

“After we posted a promo video using IntroMagic, promoting our work culture & encouraging applicants to apply via video resumes, our online applications have increased about 4x in the past 2-3 months. IntroMagic has made it easier and more efficient to screen applications. It fits right into our operational flow and helps us find candidates which fit right into our culture.”

Jennifer Wood

HR Manager

About Us

IntroMagic is a company started with the mission of enabling every candidate to find their dream role by putting their best face forward. We also aim to help recruiters find the best candidate by enabling acceptance of professional video introductions that complement the traditional resume.