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Posted by IntroMagic Team on May 2nd, 2021

Recruitment drives can, at times, be disadvantageous to those job applicants who don’t come with many years of experience.

A study shows that 91% of employers prefer their candidates to have work experience. This leaves graduates at the other end of the continuum in an employer’s preferred choice of candidates during the HR screening process.

Some of these freshers may possess key strengths and interests. But more often than not, they don’t get the opportunity to engage with the hiring manager, especially when companies use an applicant tracking system to collect and filter through all the applicants.

You are looking to hire the best of the best, but that doesn’t always have to mean the most well-versed professional.

Granted that the depth of an applicant’s experience makes them vital to your company, but freshers can quickly become an asset to your team. Their continued growth can significantly impact your business.

Here are several reasons why hiring freshers for certain positions can be far more beneficial for you.

Eagerness to Learn

Fresh out of university, graduates may not always possess experience in the fields they are applying for.

However, they are armed with a keen enthusiasm to put their knowledge to practical use and kickstart their career, which means they have tons of enthusiasm and a fierce desire to evolve as an employee.

If you are not using video interview software at the beginning of your recruitment process, you may miss out on knowing just how passionate the candidate is about working at your company. And that is an element you should always be cognizant of. It can sometimes make all the difference.

Owing to their eagerness to learn and establish themselves in the market, freshers tend to be more flexible in terms of the roles they assume within the company. They are quick learners because their academic days are not that far behind them.

If you are a startup firm driving rapid business generation, freshers will be able to match your pace much better than some of the older employees. There’s a great probability that these graduates may just add to the momentum.

New Perspective

Perspective is such an elemental factor in employee performance. Candidates who are at the starting line of their professional life come with a fresh mindset. They will have unique solutions to problems because they haven’t yet been overwhelmed by job fatigue or what’s
commonly referred to as burnout due to “the grind”. Neither are they bogged down by customs and rigid work practices. Moreover, freshers tend to have ideas that transcend borders. They are digital natives who are well-versed with trends across the world. If you want to take your business global, Gen Z is one of the most ideal groups to invest your time, money, and efforts in.

Enhanced Culture

Your company’s culture comprises more than the policies and workplace practices. It is also defined by your workforce.

Instead of choosing to have stiff culture fit parameters during HR screening activities, open your minds up to how the candidate would contribute to your company culture or improve it.

Having a diverse mix of employees with varying levels of work experience and subject expertise will enable you to make your company culture more dynamic.

Freshers add a lot to the culture of an organization. They will help you identify ways to enhance employee experience and speed up employee retention.

With graduates on board, you’ll be able to identify interesting ways of conducting work efficiently.

Long-Term Benefit

Freshers have great potential. They are at the start of their career and likely to remain with you for a longer duration than someone who has been working for decades and is used to doing things their way.

Although you may need to invest a little in training and skill development for a fresher, they are likely to absorb such training faster and implement the same in their day to day work.

You can also improve employee loyalty by hiring freshers. You’ve taken a chance on them, and they are ready to prove their worth by aggressively pursuing goals, working for longer hours, and spontaneously adapting to your company practices.


Who you hire for a position is a decision that must be scrutinized and pondered extensively.

There are certain roles in a company that can be amplified by hiring a fresher and others that require experienced professionals.

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