7 Signs a Video Interview Went Well

Posted by IntroMagic Team on February 8th, 2022

Recruiters fleeing clingy job candidates is a reality. Every day, a torrent of emails demanding to be read pile up in their mailbox, but with constraining workloads, it soon becomes a torment to read every mail. When emails go unresponded, the frequency of email is doubled. So, what are the odds of recruiters picking those pesky emails? None. 

It’s time to make a statement, and making a statement doesn’t always mean making clickbait or something more sinister. It could also be as simple as delivering interview videos instead of lengthy bios. Nobody needs the latter when time is of the essence. But keep in mind that if you don’t see the signs a video interview went well, it’ll just be another exercise in filling an empty vessel.

With information tailored to the recruiter, your personality shines through the video right in front of their eyes. How? The narration with a face shows them not just career highlights, but also your personality, soft skills, and much more without sounding forced.

This guide will tell what indicators to check for to determine how effectively the video interview is performing.

7 Signs a Video Interview Went Well

Let’s get one thing straight before we get to the kernel. Waiting to hear back from recruiters is nothing new. Sometimes it takes hours and days. But waiting a little longer isn’t always an indicator that your interview went incompetently. 

They simply require more time to make a decision. Nonetheless, if you see these 7 signs then your video interview was a success:

1. You got chatty with the interviewer

Job interviews now are less formal than they were a decade ago. You would not be expected to be dressed in all black and white which simply exaggerates your nervousness. Recruiters want to give you some latitude in dialogues in order to break down the proverbial barrier. It helps you feel at ease enough to veer away from the main topic. 

Getting conversational is ok because it helps recruiters comprehend your personality, contemplation, and capacity to adapt to a new culture that is prevalent at their workplace. You nailed it if your interviewer is intrigued and asks further questions.

2. You correlate with their thinking

Even if you are competing against a more competitive applicant, the employer may still pick you if they believe you are a better cultural match. The recruiter will see themselves in you if you are more relatable to them. It might be one or more things that you have in common with the recruiter. 

Interviewers just like applicants that share their enthusiasm and believe they will be an invaluable asset to the firm in the long term. After all, as humans, we are partisans of others capable of carrying on esoteric debates. If done right, your video interview could generate a strong bias. 

3. You are promised

Conversations with recruiters follow real emotions, and they see no incentive in lying about their views toward the candidate. If you appear to be a good fit, they will eagerly but subtly express their approval. Dissatisfied recruiters, on the other hand, will favor a quick wrap up than overstatement. 

Recruiters typically provide positive affirmation if personas who are thought ideal for their requirements turn out to be exactly as they imagined. They may make comments on your ideas and even tell you without hesitation how you fulfill what they stand for. It’s clearer and more reassuring than letting you speculate responses to the video.

4. You felt confident

After you’ve completed the one-way video interview, sit down and ask yourself if everything you intended to say was conveyed. Did you give persuasive explanations to fill in the information voids? Is it probable that someone viewing your video will pick up on your energy? 

If your answer to these questions is a confident “yes,” you’ll know the interview went just as planned. It’s natural to be confident when you truly know your skills and shortcomings. Even better is when you exploit them to justify your capabilities.  

5. Questions for recruiters

An unpleasant gap in the follow-up interview is frequently the result when you did not build up to the conversation or end up sharing all of your exploits in a one-two punch. 

While this is effective if the interviewer is short on time, it results in a zero suspense situation completely missing the opportunity to showcase your curious side, capacity to think deeper, and comprehension of the job function. 

You must utilize the video interview as a springboard for future encounters in which you’ll have the chance to ask intelligent questions that will make the interviewer wonder how deep your personality and inquisitiveness are.

6. From tête-à-tête to dates

If your video interview went well, you will be calendared for additional face-to-face meetings or talks with start dates. The interviewer’s confirmation for the next round is a dead giveaway that the video interview produced a good initial impression.

7. Longer interviews

While time is essential, enlightening interviews might make it last a bit longer if the dialogues strike the appropriate note. If your interview, which was initially set for 20 minutes, ends up going 20 minutes longer, chances are your personality has appeased the interviewer, who may want a couple of extra things from you before arriving at a decision. 

According to Forbes, a typical interview lasts 40 minutes. Following that, the hiring team takes anywhere between 24 hours to two weeks to notify their decision. 

The fact that they’ve asked a few more questions in response to a recent video interview is the cue where the conversation is headed.

How to Double your Chances of a Callback?

Sending an email with your video attached isn’t enough to conclude stage one of your interview; be sure to thank them for the chance and add anything that genuinely struck you throughout the interview. 

A little bit about the initial encounter is a savvy approach to retain your contact on their mind and so it stays there rent-free. It would be far superior to concluding a conversation with a thank you. While it is understandable to be anxious to hear from them, do not annoy HR by continuously knocking on their doors. Every job seeker’s worst enemy is desperation. 

Who uses video interviews?

The COVID epidemic prompted a paradigm shift throughout the sector, forcing businesses and job seekers to migrate away from traditional interviews and toward considerably more sophisticated video presentations. It was a daring move that was quickly adopted in every small and major market.

Because previous lockdowns prevented applicants from physically presenting themselves at the workplace, video interviews now rule the corporate landscape. They have become crucial as a means of employing specialists. Some say they’ll stick to it even after normalcy is restored.

Ref: onrec.com

If you’re new to video interviews, Intromagic is a great place to begin. It’s a fantastic one-way video interview platform that can help recruiters locate your individuality amongst a sea of resumes. 

Intromagic provides unique features like real-time video and audio enhancement possibilities to make your resume appear like it’s worth a million dollars. How cool is that? Start your free trial now!

Why do Video Interviews Matter?

According to recent research, video interviews are here to stay. Most recruitment teams prioritize them since they allow them to capture more unique aspects of a person without having to go through an essay. 

Video interviews are more effective because they are more personable and less robotic. A paper resume may lack oomph since it is difficult to determine if the individual is genuinely enthusiastic about the job or its benefits.

Furthermore, the strain of having to respond in seconds is a major pain point for many, which diminishes in the event of a video interview. 

When they already have a set of questionnaires, replies can be well-thought-out and artistically or rationally fashioned. In the hands of a competent interviewee, it is simpler to divide the time into sections where the answer is properly prepared and then given in bite-sized chunks.

Tips to Nail your Next Video Interview

Regardless of how amazing the platform is, you must put in the most work to pull together a fantastic video interview. 

Having a strategy in place to manage the pressure and express your personality virtually is a must. It is an addition to other talents required to determine your self-worth. Here are three tips to meeting an interviewer’s expectations, whether it’s a live or pre-recorded interview.

Tip #1: Rehearse

  • Turn on your laptop camera and record yourself using the built-in app. Assess how you will be seen by an interviewer. 
  • Pay attention to your body language and tone of voice. If you seem anxious or babble on the video, take a pause (if necessary) and redo the sections till you are pleased. Clarity and tempo are two crucial components to look and sound impressionable in video interviews. 
  • To practice to perfection, a peer review is a must. You may have a family member or acquaintance pose as the interviewer. It will not only improve your confidence, but you will also make your responses more effective in an actual two-way interview.
  • A one-way interview video platform, such as Intromagic, is ideal for practice sessions. You may do as many trials as you like until you’re confident to record the final video.

Tip #2: Prepare the script

  • Prepare your scripts with bulleted text that serves as a clue to what you will say in the video. 
  • Avoid relying too heavily on the piece of paper; otherwise, your eyes will fail to build the chemistry. It will appear that you were not well prepared, making the remainder of the video ineffective in terms of creating conviction.
  • Check the interview instructions beforehand to avoid flouting rules or missing the essential.

Tip #3: Deck up for the interview

  • Just because you’re not going to the interview venue doesn’t mean you’re exempt from proper attire. Many institutions have adopted an open culture, which has undoubtedly resulted in certain relaxations in dress codes. However, dressing up for an interview is not something to be taken lightly, and there is no justification for turning up in a swaggy attire. If you haven’t been given specific directions, stick to conservative attire.
  • Interviews are best done in a carefully-chosen background. Avoid using the door as a backdrop since roommates may inadvertently stroll in. Leaving the clutter unmanaged may also attract unwelcome attention because it is a dead giveaway that being tidy is not your cup of tea. 
  • Take note of the lighting in your room as well. Anything that dazzles the camera should be avoided since it reduces visibility. Select a well-lit area where your facial features will be appropriately highlighted.
  • Inform everyone with whom you share the area about your interview so they don’t barge in while you’re recording. A roaming pet is just as distracting as a human partner, therefore it’s worth leaving them in the care of others while you’re engaged. 
  • During a live interview, audio is just as crucial as video. Check your audio recording equipment ahead of time to verify that the volume settings are turned up, and if a voice zoom option is available, turn it on so that your speech is clearer to listeners.

Practice your video interview before your final shot!

Practice makes a person perfect. This applies to interviews as well. Practicing answering some of the common interview questions helps you feel comfortable and at ease. Not everyone is naturally gifted at speaking about career accomplishments at great lengths.

As you start to practice, you’ll begin to sound – and feel – confident. It is those few times in your life when you are actually expected to brag about what you did. In order to nail it, practicing every answer well ahead of time makes you feel less awkward and increases the chances of being hired.

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