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Posted by IntroMagic Team on May 20th, 2021

Finding a job you love and being chosen out of hundreds of applicants is a blessing indeed. But the cherry on the cake is when the job adds just as much value to your professional growth as you do to the organization.

Once you’ve settled into a new company, there’s no reason you should stop aiming for the stars. For, this is only the beginning of your endeavour at the company. There’s so much you can achieve with perseverance and hardwork.

You should broaden your professional horizons to ensure that your career never stagnates. Eventually, it will enable you to adapt to the needs of the organization and deliver on your promises.

This makes you a valuable employee and also increases the chances of you getting the opportunities that enhance your career growth.

Here are a few tips you can begin applying today.

Show Initiative

Good things come to those who wait ask for it. Staying contented in your job and never venturing beyond what is expected of you can sometimes dampen your career growth potential.

That is why you should develop a sense of initiative. Showing initiative is not just a way of communicating that you care but also that you are fully invested in the growth of the company and so willing to take up additional responsibilities if needed.

Say one of your team members is on leave, and the manager needs to allocate the work urgently. If you are confident that you have the bandwidth and can do justice to the task, volunteer to take it up. Or if you need to consult employees from other departments to accomplish your work, be prompt in approaching them.

You want to be mindful of how frequently you add additional work to your plate because placing a lot of strain on yourself can prevent you from fulfilling your responsibilities to the best of your abilities.

So bring about a balance in how you depict your sense of initiative.

Act on the Feedback

Companies usually have systematic appraisal processes that enable the HR managers to review employee performance, give recognition or rewards, and provide feedback for improvement.

Apart from these routine appraisals, your manager or superiors may occasionally have some feedback on the work you are doing.

Make sure to take note of it. As long as it’s constructive feedback, you must at all costs implement it as spontaneously as possible.

This helps you learn new approaches, avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly, and work in a manner that elevates the overall team contribution.

Moreover, when you are quick to apply feedback, you display a strong inclination to accept advice from mentors and elevate your skills.

Keep an Eye Out For Internal Vacancies

If you’ve spent a couple of years having one designation in the company, and are looking for the next milestone in your career, keep your eyes peeled for vacancies that open up in your department or in another department that you are interested in.

These could be roles that are related to the work you do or a similar position as yours but with an added level of seniority.

In most cases, if you are suited for the role, someone from HR may reach out to you.

But even if they don’t, you should go for it.

It could very well work in your favour due to multiple reasons. Firstly, you are well-versed in what the organization does, and you are familiar with fellow employees.

Secondly, the management already knows your professional attributes, because of which the HR team doesn’t need to waste all that time and effort in interviewing external candidates.

Utilize Training Programs and Workshops

Research conducted by Middlesex University’s Institute for Work Based Learning states that 56% of human resource managers consider training and development essential to the business.

Your company may organize wellness workshops or offer allowances for online courses. They may even conduct annual training programs to improve the strength of their workforce. You should make use of all learning opportunities arranged for by the company.

These are a great way to pick up new skills or develop existing ones without having to spend hundreds of dollars from your pocket.

You also get the chance to network with people from outside and create professional contacts that can come in handy at any time.


As Craig D. Lounsbrough (author of The Eighth Page) rightly said, “To realize your potential you must look beyond the end of yourself, realizing that where you end is most likely where you actually begin.”

The 4 steps mentioned above will enable you to fast-track your professional growth within the company.

Take the time to upskill yourself; you’ll see that nothing is as rewarding as letting your accomplishments and milestones speak for themselves.

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