The Best Way to Introduce Yourself in an Interview


Posted by IntroMagic Team on April 12th,2021

Preparing for a screening interview can sometimes be a nerve-wracking task. You have a strong video resume and know how to respond to most of the questions, yet you’re bound to experience a slight dose of apprehension. Having said that, today, we are going to tell you the best way to introduce yourself in an interview. 

It’s simple logic – people don’t like to be caught off guard, so it is a common practice for applicants to prepare well in advance for all possible scenarios during a screening interview.

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself how to apply for a job and leave the interviewers with a lasting impression after the screening interview is concluded, keep the following tips in mind.

Add an Element of Storytelling

You don’t want to sound like a robot or as if you are reading off a script when you introduce yourself. Adding a narrative to your introduction can be a poetic way of conveying your backstory.

The techniques of storytelling can persuade even the most resolute minds, and this is because of a mechanism known as mirror neuron. The emotions you experience when narrating a story are projected in the right hemisphere of the listener’s brain, and therefore, you can build an emotional connection with them.

It inevitably helps you hold the interviewer’s attention. That said, one thing you should keep in mind is that you need to do your best in a short time. Don’t get too elaborate with your response, or you’ll lose the impact of using storytelling.

To craft a compelling story, you need a strategy. Without this, your response can appear directionless and may not form the intended impression. So, before every screening interview, introspect what feelings you want to evoke in the hiring manager and what aspects of your story can best achieve that.

Be Concise

When you prepare for a screening interview, focus on some key points you want to communicate.

What this does is ensure that you are able to convey more by saying less. The best way to introduce yourself in an interview is to emphasize the core aspects of your interests, experience, and aspirations in a brief manner.

Essentially, you should cut out the fluff. There’s no need to narrate personal experiences or events that are irrelevant to the job or don’t display anything significant about your personality.

Connect Your Present & Past Experiences to Your Goals

Displaying a steadfast ambition and clear vision can be impressive when participating in a screening interview. Being creative in connecting your experiences will certainly answer the question of how to apply for a job and form a great impression.

Pick elements from your video resume, and talk about how your experiences relate to your long-term career goals. This adds dimension to your qualifications and helps the hiring manager assess your suitability.

connecting experiences to skills in an interview
You can perhaps even mention why this particular position is important to you and how your skills will empower you to excel at the job.
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Display the Right Body Language

Body language is also an essential form of communication. The way you conduct yourself, make gestures are all non-verbal cues that convey matters of importance to hiring managers.

Learn to hold up a good posture. This can showcase just how self-assured and confident you are. This is something you should adhere to not just during an interview but also in the video resume that you’d submit.

Avoid making too many gestures with your hands. While a moderate amount of hand movement is natural, anything excessive can be distracting or even interpreted as nervous energy.

Adopt a We Attitude

Yes, the screening interview is about you. But don’t forget that ultimately, the hiring managers need to know how you’d contribute to the organization.

Even when you are introducing yourself, it is important to show that you value teamwork, contribution, and attaining the goals of the company you work at.

Instead of focusing excessively on just your past and qualifications, incorporate the company into your pitch. Either depict how you have helped obtain results at your previous workplace or convince the manager that you already foresee being a valuable team member at their organization.


Your introduction has the power to significantly strengthen or weaken your application. In fact, it is said that it only takes a tenth of a second for a stranger to form a first impression of you.

So pay heed to these points and begin every interview on a good note.

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