Video Cover Letter: The Best Foot Forward for Interviews

Posted by IntroMagic Team on December 11th, 2021

The word ‘interview’ inherently means “to see and get a glimpse of” in French. The 16th-century origin of this word and the process of the interview remain the same even today, as face-to-face introductions still precede in value to the one with words. 

Seldom taken advantage of, video cover letters are few & far between even in 2021, and this needs to change. 

Not to be mistaken for a video CV, a video cover letter not only increases the chances of your CV being preferred but also breaks apart from the monotony of reading through wordy cover letters. 

It is said that a good cover letter helped around 83% of Human Resource personnel in the hiring process, and a video cover letter is sure to perch you at the top 10% of this statistic. 

To command the attention of your prospective employer, to introduce yourself the smartest way possible, and to place the best foot forward, video cover letters are ideal to crack the interview in any industry. 

Without further ado, let us learn all about video cover letters, how to create one, tips to make a great first impression, and much more.

The Best First Impression

Starting with the basics, a video cover letter is a brief introduction of yourself to the recruiter. Filmed on the best video and audio gear in your possession, introducing your education background, accomplishments, professional history, and just enough details to the HR will do the trick. 

Generally lasting within a minute, a video cover letter can be as creative as the job you’re applying for but it is recommended not to overdo it. 

For an HR who is reading hundreds of cover letters a day, a video cover letter will immediately stand out, and if it is visually pleasing, there is no doubt that you’ve created a lasting best first impression. 

With that said, employees of any profession can create a video cover letter, and let’s learn how to create one for yourself.

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How to Create a Video Cover Letter?

Regardless of the position, the industry, the job description, and other nuances, the mentioned details of creating a video cover letter remain the name.

1. The Skeleton

Before starting to film, write a step-by-step script or a traditional cover letter on a piece of paper or word doc. Ensure to include all the points mentioned below.

2. Memorize & Practice

Once you have the skeleton, it is best to memorize the script as reading it while making the video will look odd. After memorizing the script, begin practicing the presentation in front of a mirror, or present it to a friend/family member.

3. Preparing the Equipment

It is crucial to find the right place to place the camera and choose your background. If you have ever shot a Tiktok, YouTube, or an IGTV video, you’d know that a ring light will be perfect, if not, diffuse the direct light from the window with the help of white sheets, and place the camera in front of it.

4. Preparing Yourself

Now that you have the whole setup ready, get fresh, and change into professional attire.

5. Presentation & Recording

Don’t be scared to shoot as many takes as required. You may nail the presentation the first time or take a few attempts, so make sure you have all the footage by the end.

6. Editing

Out of all the attempts, find the best recording of the presentation and note down the time stamp. Import the video onto the editing software for the final process.

7. Sharing it with the employer

Rename the file to an apt title and upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video.

Why & When to Create a Video Cover Letter?

Apart from the obvious benefits of making a video cover letter, the nuances mentioned below describe why you should go ahead with it and when is the right time.

Benefits of a Video Cover Letter

If you’re still wondering what are the benefits of making a video cover letter, go through the points below:

Video Cover Letter Tips

Here are some of the tips & tricks to use while making the video cover letter:

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