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Posted by IntroMagic Team on May 11th, 2021

Almost every job applicant has in some way or the other encountered questions about culture fit in their journey of applying for jobs.

Typically asked during a screening interview, this question is nothing but a way for hiring managers to assess whether, regardless of your professional qualifications, you’d be a culture match for the organization or not.

As many as 20,000 hiring managers participated in a Leadership IQ survey in the year 2017. It was found that, of all the new employees who failed at their job in the first 18 months, a staggering 89% failed due to attitude or personality issues.

Hence, ensuring that the candidate is a culture fit for the company has become one of the topmost priorities of hiring managers around the world.

culture fit assessment during screening interview

This question may be asked directly only once. But, throughout the screening interview, the manager assesses everything you say from the point of view of how well you’d fit in.

So, here are some ways for you to respond while being refreshingly honest and strategic in your approach.


Adaptability is an exceptional trait to have when you are applying for jobs. It guarantees that no matter what circumstances arise in the company, you will pivot your efforts to accomplish the work.

While most companies strive to ensure a sense of stability for their employees, businesses are naturally unpredictable. Your ability to quickly get accustomed to new spaces, functions, and processes will hold you in high esteem in the eyes of the interviewer.

Moreover, adaptability doesn’t only work from a problem-solving angle. It ascertains that you are open-minded and not afraid of experimenting.

If you are adaptable by nature, don’t miss out on incorporating that into your response. You could depict in what way you are adaptable by sharing a hypothetical scenario. This works best, as long as time permits, to build clarity about the skills you possess.

Working Style

Some companies require employees to be able to work independently, without constant guidance or supervision. Whereas others prioritize candidates who have a demonstrated history of working with multiple teams and leading groups.
screening interview tips

Your working style can be a key factor in meeting the company’s candidate requirements. And you do not want to lose the opportunity to clarify what kind of an employee you’d be.

Depending on what you are most skilled at, frame a response to the question that shows how you’d utilize your working style. If you are open to working in any manner necessary, that is also a great point to make and inevitably points to your adaptability.

Growth Mindset

Mindset is what differentiates employees. It governs your thought process, beliefs, and attitudes. The right mindset can transform even a fresher into a company asset. That’s the power of mindset.

You should mention how your growth mindset enables you to pursue targets with absolute determination. There is so much potential for delivering a great response when you bring up the topic of mindset.

Often, when candidates are asked, “Why do you think you are a great fit for our company?”, they may provide the most cliched responses. Understandably, you are trying to impress the interviewer through your video resume submission or during the screening interview.

But if you turn to trite phrases such as “hard-working” or “detail-oriented” without offering any other explanation, you are not being true to yourself. Hiring managers want to know what drives you, what are your passions, how do you think, etc.

Having a growth mindset and highlighting the same depicts that you are constantly self-motivated to perform exceedingly well at your work.


Not everyone is fortunate to be employed in work that makes them extremely happy and satisfied. A lot of people work for the sake of working or to make ends meet.

If you are someone who is driven by a keen enthusiasm for the work you do, you need to ensure that the passion comes across when you are communicating.

Passion is a highly underrated trait. It can have a significant effect on your profile assessment because it shows the hiring manager that you are not merely motivated by the salary or perks of working at the company.

Your love for the work could stem from surface-level aspects such as the tasks you have to manage or from the underlying meaning you derive.

For instance, you could be a passionate social media manager either because it requires you to be creative and analytical at the same time or because you love impacting the lives of people from all walks. This is just an example. There can be numerous facets of a job that elicit feelings of excitement in people.


You may have heard of the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” It has become so trite that it almost creates a negative connotation.

In truth, having multiple skills is impressive. Not only does it show that you have diverse interests, but that you can tap into numerous skill sets as and when required.

So, if you have taken up versatile responsibilities at your previous workplace, highlight that.

Most hiring managers will commend you for being resourceful enough to develop skills in various areas. Make sure to pinpoint exactly how your versatility can benefit the team.

how to respond to culture fit question


When talking about company fit in a video resume or screening interview, don’t just make plain statements like “I’m versatile” or “Adaptability is my core strength”.

All of the above themes that we’ve identified should be personalized. You could talk from experience or based on your firm beliefs. Either way, follow it up with an irrefutable example of a situation, event, or incident.

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