What Not to Say During an Interview?


Posted by IntroMagic Team on April 15th, 2021

A quick search on the internet on job interview tips, and you’ll have thousands of websites recommending you with multiple advice. But has someone told you what not to say during an interview?

Applying for jobs is only half the battle. It is getting selected after the screening interview that should be your main focus.

And to get selected, you must know the ins and outs of the process.

So you’ve created and submitted a high-quality video resume. Now what? Have you begun preparing for the interview? To ace an interview, its first important to know what not to say in a job interview.

They portray you in a bad light and can significantly diminish the impact of your video resume.

What Not to Say in an Interview?

what not to say during an interview

Volunteering Information That is Irrelevant

Communication skills are key to not only clearing the screening interview but also performing well at the office. It is proven that most employers look for communication and interpersonal skills in potential employees.

However, when applying for jobs, oversharing is never going to help you, even in the case of a video resume. Good communication means knowing when you are going overboard.

The hiring manager does not want to know about a recent vacation you took or your family problems. Understand that it is simply not the time or place to be talking about topics that are not connected to the job.

Instead, elaborate on your skills, motivation, and academic or work experiences.

Complaining About Your Previous Employer

A popular question that interviewers ask in a screening interview is why you’ve decided to leave the previous job.

Regardless of the circumstances under which either you decided to quit or were laid off, do not complain about or badmouth your previous employer. Even if you are in the right, it does not bode well for you to be speaking ill of your former employer or workplace.

What you can do is find a professional and mature way of depicting your larger interests and desire to grow in response to the interviewer’s question.

Communicating Neglect or Disinterest

There are multiple ways you could be sending negative signals unknowingly to hiring managers during a screening interview.

Firstly, if they ask you a question about the company, and you show ignorance, they know that you haven’t even taken the interest to do your research.

This further instils in them a sense of distrust that you’d even be capable of accomplishing tasks when you don’t seem invested in the role from the beginning.

Moreover, if you get asked a question about the niche or industry, and you simply respond with, “I don’t know.”, that’s not a great sign.

Now, you can’t know everything under the sun about a particular topic. But at least show an inclination to learn about it, and mould your response in a way that indicates you are a fast learner.

Commenting About the Interviewer’s Appearance

Your intention may be to break the ice or be polite, but making remarks about the interviewer’s appearance, outfit, or physical attributes is best avoided.

You can never know how it will be received. It can seem offhanded to some and might even offend the interviewer.

The duration of the screening interview is time for them to get to know you better and for you to make the best possible pitch. So steer clear of conversations and comments that are far beyond the realm of topics related to the interview.

Talking Back or Arguing

Opinions can always differ but what sets you apart from the others is how well you are able to navigate discussions without fueling a heated argument.

If the interviewer says something that you don’t agree with, convey that in a calm, respectful, and professional manner. Form rational statements to depict your stance but don’t be rude.

It will inevitably show them that you are not threatened by authority and that you can maintain composure in all circumstances, which is a crucial workplace skill to have.


On the whole, be confident in your communication and know where to draw the line. This will convey to hiring managers that you are smart, driven, and tactful.

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