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Posted by IntroMagic Team on April 25th, 2021

Using an applicant tracking system may feel like the optimum choice regardless of the scale at which your business is growing.

After all, such an online HR software has several benefits that can make your HR manager’s job more convenient.

It can handle great volumes of applications and filter candidates based on an algorithm. There is minimal human involvement in the first stages of the process. And, in a way, it does save time if you have resource constraints.

However, the cons of using an applicant tracking system are too significant to ignore.

Machine Learning Isn’t Always Better Than Human Intellect

The occurrence of algorithmic bias continues to remain one of the most problematic aspects of using machine learning. Systems, unable to pay sufficient importance to outliers, inevitably result in poor quality data. And in a field like recruitment where there are several variables to consider, the presence of these blind spots is likely to have dire consequences.

For something as pressing as talent acquisition, even the slightest margin of error can lead to your company’s loss.

When you use an applicant tracking system, you enable the software to determine how suitable a candidate would be for your company and the position you are looking to fill. It means that the first point of contact between an applicant and the hiring manager is disrupted by software that shapes the entire recruitment process.

The system places great importance on the structure of a resume as well as specific keywords, which is an obsolete approach.

Just think about it – an applicant with the exact soft skills you need, having the academic background that makes them ideal for the role, could slip your notice just because one minuscule element in their resume didn’t fit with the ATS.

The reason why your hiring manager is in a better position to evaluate applications both objectively and subjectively is that they know what the company requires.

They could identify relevant suitability factors in a candidate, factors that an ATS would never even consider.

Hence, an online HR software that not only makes the talent acquisition process hassle-free but enhances the efficiency of the HR team is a far better alternative.

How a Video Interview Software Bridges Gaps in an Applicant Tracking System?

A video interview software provides the same benefits as an applicant tracking system while also enabling the hiring manager to assess the candidate’s personality.

A few of the benefits of using video interview software are as follows.

Creative Liberty

In this day and age, recruiters should prioritize personalized applications over cookie-cutter resumes.

An ATS will almost always require candidates to submit resumes that are structured the same, and will then proceed to parse the information from the resumes in a unified manner for the HR manager to review.

There’s no way for an applicant to present their qualifications or interests in a refreshingly unique way and still hope to get noticed by the hiring manager. What’s astonishing is that a study has proven that as many as 75% of qualified job applicants get rejected by applicant tracking systems due to reasons such as incorrect resume formatting.

With video interview software, applicants get to highlight important aspects of their resume and be creative in the video introduction they’d submit. Similarly, the recruiter can distinguish each candidate’s key strengths based on how strongly their application stands out.

These videos are significantly better for talent acquisition than a PDF resume, which will probably contain an overload of information that the hiring manager, in all likelihood, will not complete reading.


Both the ATS and video interview software help manage applications through a dashboard system that lets decision-makers maintain and refer to a pool of candidates.

If you have a vacancy that requires the candidate to be creative and have strong communication skills, the filtering done by the ATS would be wrong. And ultimately, you will need to restart the candidate assessment process for several applications.

You would not experience such ineffective usage of time with the use of video interview software as you get to assess a candidate’s experience and personality from the get-go before proceeding with their candidacy.

Personal Touch

Depending on the ATS, the steps may slightly vary. But some systems match resumes with the job description to formulate a score that ranks applications.

Others outrightly reject applications that do not align with the algorithm.

They use technological systems to filter applications, and managers have little say in who gets shortlisted.

Whereas video interview software ensures that the applicants’ efforts are evaluated by the hiring manager.

This level of personal touch prevents the applicants from being at the mercy of rigid formulas, which in turn improves the candidate experience significantly. It also benefits the recruiter because of the quality of applications they’d receive.


The use of video interview software is a rapidly growing approach in the field of recruitment. It involves the latest technology and accounts for changing tastes and patterns of human behavior (such as a preference for visual communication over textual communication).

Such a preference for video formats also permeates other fields like marketing. The State of Video Marketing survey done by Wyzowl mentions that 84% of video marketers believe that video is beneficial for lead generation.

The human-software hybrid guarantees extreme efficiency and helps you make the best of your human resource as well as technological bandwidth.

Further, it helps HR professionals stay abreast of the latest hiring trends and enhance their recruitment process.

On the other hand, an applicant tracking system is merely functional and not modern at its core. You’ll not be able to incorporate innovation into the recruitment process.


Your applicants, as well as your company, deserve to use an online HR software that is advantageous to all the parties involved.

IntroMagic is one such video interview software that can get you better talent acquisition results without any of the hassles of using outdated systems.

Register on IntroMagic for free today and hire talent the right way.

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