Enhance your job screening process and hire faster with our video interview software

Save 40+ hours for each role and find better candidates with easy
to use video interview software

Create a memorable hiring experience with our automated video interview platform

Send out video interview links to all the shortlisted resumes from your ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
workflow with a button click. View the final videos of candidates
to make quicker, fairer, and better hiring decisions.

Using our video interview tool is a no-brainer.
All it takes is a few simple steps!


Create a job listing inside our platform or import it from your ATS

We understand the importance of scalability, and that’s why we have made our tool super flexible. Whether you want to create jobs from our platform or an ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) workflow, we make it possible.

Ask the hard questions to get the correct answers out

Curate and select the right interview questions that can test your candidates at every level. Once done, our tool will automatically show them as prompts. Now, all that a candidate has to do is record their responses.

View the candidate video introductions right on your dashboard

Watch the video profiles submitted by the potential candidates from your dashboard. Bookmark, share, reply, and annotate candidate submissions easily. Overcome the challenges and move the hiring needle faster.

Collaborate and engage with your team

Improve the screening efficiency of your recruitment team with instant notifications. Get video applications straight into your inbox and share them with your team members. Receive interview feedback from multiple stakeholders and make collaborative decisions fairly.

Rate your candidates to arrive at a positive conclusion

Factor in every parameter that’s vital to your interview process. Rate candidates based on their skills, clarity of speech, confidence level, body language, and more. Get automated scores to help you screen the best talents and with whom you want to set up a live interview.

Why Use Intromagic?

Save your time on interviewing

Time is valuable, and we don’t want that to go in vain. That’s why we have created an extra layer of automated screening to ensure that you and your colleagues don't spend more time interviewing candidates. Eliminate the ones that don’t fit from a soft skills perspective.

Screen their personality and skills

Ask the right interview questions to help assess your candidate’s personality, vibe, communication, and overall skill set. We help you either auto-generate the questions based on the job profile or enable you to create them manually, based on your organizational needs.

Manage video profiles effortlessly

Unlike other recruitment software that handles text resumes, we allow you to accept and manage video applications as a central part of your process. We connect with major ATS and HR tech stacks to help streamline the most time-consuming and tedious hiring activities easily.

Eliminate bias in hiring

Fair hiring is crucial in the workplace. It also reflects your culture. Our tool's transparent scoring, rating systems, and the ability to review interviews in a standardized process ensure that you attract and hire candidates based on their ability, skill, and merit.

Interview more candidates in less time

When we say, we help make your hiring faster, we mean it. With automation in place, we help you interview hundreds of candidates in one go. Our tool cuts down onerous and extended interview rounds that occur at the initial stage. So say ‘no’ to exhaustions and ‘yes’ to quick outcomes.

Integrate with major ATS

We understand the importance of flexibility in technology. That’s why we have special integrations in place to help you send video interview links and invite candidates straight from your ATS (Application Integration System). This saves time, money, and effort in learning or investing in a new tool.

Elevate Both Recruiter and Candidate
Experience with a Single Tool

Deliver an experience
that’s not exhausting

Both parties on the hiring table desire the same thing: a good experience. So turbocharge your recruitment process with a technology that tirelessly does its job to keep both sides happy. Enable applicants to express their skills in their own time. Remove monotonous tasks from your recruitment team’s plate and empower them to make more human connections.

Create a faster and fairer screening process

Increase your recruitment efficiency by doing away with outdated telephone screening or assessing candidates based only on job-relevant skills. Leverage hiring technology that automates your recruitment process and mitigates bias. Combine assessment and interview in a unified experience that can be executed within 30 minutes.

Get better ROI for every candidate that you hire

Bad hires can cost your company high. We want to prevent this by helping you screen the ones that fit both your organization and the job role. Our AI-driven hiring tool reduces hiring time and efforts while keeping the conversations moving 24x7. We help you find the top talent faster through automation and on-demand interviews.

Get Started

You will need:

1. Computer with internet connection

2. Enable IntroMagic within your ATS

3. Select the questions you want answered

4. Review the video profiles along with resumes


IntroMagic is currently integrated with Greenhouse, FreshTeams and other integrations are on their way. Contact us today to find if we are integrated with your ATS.

  • You can use the ‘Apply with Video’ button on your website. You can substitute your current “upload resume” button with the Apply with Video button. You can generate the code widget in your dashboard and email to your developer. Once a candidate clicks on the button, it will take them through their video creation process.
  • You can invite candidates directly via email from your IntroMagic dashboard.
  • You can generate an interview link and add that to your job postings on job boards and Linkedin.

No, there isn’t. We recommend a maximum of 10 minutes based on our past experience of response quality.

Yes, you can write your own prompts for the candidate to answer.
You can decide if to show candidates the questions up front or at the time.
Yes, candidates get practice takes and can retake the video.
Yes, please get in touch with us for the same.

Cut through the clutter with automated video interviews. Screen the best candidates and move the hiring needle faster.

Record once and interview a thousand

Enrich your hiring efforts with video interviews. Spend just 30-45 minutes building the interview and invite as many applicants as possible. Streamline and automate your job screening process and leave no room for delays, exhaustion, or poor candidate experience. Move the hiring needle faster and in the right direction.

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